Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 926

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Chapter 926

Originally wanted to comfort Janice, but Janice saw Irene. The expression on her face became more anxious.

Both Irene and Janice looked at her with sympathetic and worried expressions, which made Irene feel very, very uncomfortable.

“Where is your big brother?” she asked.

Janice’s mouth just opened. Irene desperately covered her mouth.

Irene’s complexion instantly lost all her blood, just like the thin cicada wings, losing the ability to flap their wings, and looked as if withered.

“Where’s your brother?” Irene’s voice was already so low that people could not feel a trace of anger.

Janice wanted to break free from Irene’s hand desperately.

Irene pressed Janice’s hand even harder. It was as if a cruel executioner wanted to choke Janice to death on the spot.

Irene stood up slowly, her eyes falling on the flames ahead.

Suddenly she ran into the flames.

Irene and the others were so frightened that their faces were ashes, but Guan Xiao strode forward and hugged Irene.

“President, please be sorry.” Guan Xiao cried.

The word “Sorrow” was like the death knell ringing, and Irene went crazy in an instant.

“Let me go find him. Let me go, I want to go with him.”

Irene and Janice saw Irene who was out of control, and they ran over to persuade Irene.

Irene said: “Irene, before he leaves, you are the most uneasy person. You must live well and don’t let him down.”

Where Irene could hear it, she had completely collapsed.

She used to resent Jacob’s ruthlessness, but under the control of that emotion, she couldn’t bear to suffer him.

Now that she knows that all the cruelty he has done to her is a must, and knowing that he is still the brother Jie who protects her in his heart, how can she accept his experience?

Guan Xiao is as powerful as an ox, but with Irene’s hard work, Guan Xiao can’t help it.

Together Irene and Janice helped Guan Xiao drag the begging Irene, and Irene shouted hoarsely, “Let me go with him, I beg you. You don’t even know that I would live without him. Can’t go down?”

“Lingbao, you still have parents and children. You can’t be so headstrong.” Irene said.

“Tell mom and dad, I am sorry for them in this life, and I will honor them in the next life. The children will be handed over to you. Irene. You don’t stop me, you know I can’t live without him. Where he is, I will Where to be.”

“Sister Irene, listen to me, you can’t die.” Janice cried and comforted: “My brother loves you so much, and he has been planning for you until he died. You can’t live up to his heart.”

“No—I want to ask him, why did he leave me cruelly when he made such a decision? He said he would not be separated for a lifetime.”

Irene cried so badly that her every cry was like tearing her soul apart, exhausting her best. Soon her throat became hoarse and she lost her voice.

She could only see the distorted and hideous expression on her beautiful face. And can’t hear any of her voice.

Janice cried even more sadly when she saw such Irene.

Only she knows how it feels to love someone deeply.

And sister Irene’s love for her elder brother, it is the dependence and nostalgia of extraordinary people.

Janice cried and said, “Is there any way to relieve Sister Irene’s pain? How can she bear it?”

A look of helplessness spread from the bottom of Guan Xiao’s eyes, and suddenly he stretched out his hand to stun Irene.

Mountain villa.

Yu Chengqian held a kit in his hand, with Faith’s soft hair inside.

He still didn’t want to believe that the woman he loved so much was the daughter of his little aunt?

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