Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 812

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Chapter 812

Grandpa Bai thought that if he looked at Grandmaster Lin and he doesn’t turn out to be Shaun, then he will be unable to get out of the gym at all.

This is disrespect to Master Lin!

Even if Grandmaster Lin didn’t punish him, the rest of the people will not spare him for sure.

Da da da!

Listening to Shaun’s approaching footsteps, Mr. Bai bowed his head lower.

Dense sweat continuously flowed from his forehead.

This feeling was like a terrifying beast that is passing by him, making him tremble with horror.

Until Shaun walked past Mr. Bai’s side.


He just breathed a long sigh of relief.

When he raised his head, he saw Shaun’s back.

“Is he Shaun?”

A trace of complexity and horror appeared in the eyes of Grandpa Bai.

At the same time!

Everyone in the gymnasium didn’t know that when Shaun left from the exit, there was also a dark shadow, from above the second floor of the gymnasium, he hurriedly left from the other side of the exit.

He is also an old man.

If Kelly were here, she would recognize this person as he is the steward of her cousin Lei Zhang named Uncle Li!

“Damn it! The King of the Blood Prison! How could he be the King of the Blood Prison!”

Uncle Li’s face was full of fear and disbelief at this moment.

For this trip to the Bloody Buddha, he had followed it quietly.

It was just that before he was not sure whether Shaun could be beheaded, he kept an eye on him. He didn’t carelessly go to the stands to watch the battle but chose to watch the battle in this secret way.

When he saw the blood wolf sweep Leng Aotian and others, he was full of confidence, thinking that as long as Shaun appeared, he would die.

But things that made him unbelievable happened one after another.

First, the blood wolf was defeated by Shaun with one move.

Then the Bloody Buddha was firmly suppressed by Shaun.

But what made Uncle Li even more shocked was Shaun’s true identity.

“King of Blood Prison!”

Beads of sweat dripped down from Uncle Li’s forehead:

“No, I have to report to the young master now that he must not provoke that surnamed Lin again! Otherwise, our Zhang family will be in disaster!”

Uncle Li was terrified.

While continuing to walk towards the exit, he took out his mobile phone from his pocket with a trembling palm.

Soon, when Uncle Li walked out of the gym, the video call was connected.

Through the video, you can see that Lei Zhang, the youngest member of the Zhang family on the other end of the phone, is in a hotel, wearing a bathrobe, holding two foreign hot girls in his arms, drinking, and having fun.

He watched the video and said with a smile:

“Uncle Li, why you took this long to call me!”

“What is the news? Did you get that kid’s head?”

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