Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 813

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Chapter 813

Speaking of Shaun, Lei Zhang gritted his teeth with hatred.

If it was not that bastard, Kelly would have died long ago, and the huge Zhang family industry would have fallen into his hands long ago.

And now, what he wanted to see most was Shaun’s head.

“Master, something terrible has happened! Bloody Buddha and his disciple got failed!”

“And that surnamed Lin, his true identity is…”

Uncle Li wanted to remind himself to ask Master not to provoke Shaun.

However, his words have not yet been finished!

He stopped abruptly.

His eyes were staring in the direction ahead.

Because there is one more person!

“You… how could you appear here!”

At this moment, looking at the figure that suddenly appeared, Li Shu only felt a chill, and it rushed straight into his forehead from the sole of his feet, making his scalp numb.

That’s right!

The person who appeared in front of him turned out to be Shaun!

“I thought you had left the stadium!”

Uncle Li was completely confused.

He knew that Shaun was powerful and terrifying. To prevent the other party from noticing him, he waited until Shaun left through another exit before leaving the opposite exit from Shaun.

However, what made him even dreaming was that Shaun has not only found him but has blocked him in such a short period?

How can this be?

“Are you surprised?”

Shaun smiled slightly:

“If I didn’t leave, how could you show up so quickly!”

Shaun had already discovered the existence of this Uncle Li in the gymnasium. He had already guessed his identity and purpose.

The reason why he waited until now to make a move was that he was only freeing up now.


Hearing this, Uncle Li felt his scalp numb.

On purpose!

Only then did he understand that Shaun had deliberately left from that exit to deceive him.

Seeing all this one phone, Lei Zhang in the video was completely confused.

“No…impossible! The Bloody Buddha is a great master, and so powerful! How can that Lin defeat him!”

Lei Zhang’s face turned as like he has seen a ghost, staring at the video screen.

That’s the Bloody Buddha!

A peerless murderer in the northwest of Megatron.

How could this kind of character not kill Shaun?

Moreover, Lei Zhang could see that it was not just that the bloody Buddha killed Shaun. Uncle Li seemed to remind him about Shaun’s certain identity?

And just when Lei Zhang guessed.

An icy voice suddenly resounded from the video:

“Using your head to warn the Zhang family!”


Lei Zhang was taken aback for a moment but at this moment.

He suddenly saw that in the video, a swish, like a red light flashing past Uncle Li’s neck.

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