Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 814

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Chapter 814

“Li…Uncle Li! Are you okay? You leave quickly, you are from our Zhang family, that kid dare not…”

Lei Zhang’s anxious voice has not yet finished.

He suddenly saw Uncle Li, the housekeeper in the video, his eyes widened, and then his purple mouth opened, and he said intermittently:

“Young… Master, he, he is…”

Uncle Li wanted to say something.

But his words have not been finished yet.


A stream of scarlet blood suddenly spurted from his neck, and the video screen sprayed with blood.

Lei Zhang’s body got cold, and he saw a bloodline emerging from Uncle Li’s neck.


Uncle Li’s head slowly slipped off smoothly from his neck.


In the video picture, a dull sound of the corpse falling came to Lei Zhang’s ears.


Lei Zhang’s eyes almost fell out.

This is more than that.

He saw that the video camera rotated again, and then it looked like Uncle Li’s mobile phone was picked up by someone, and there was a beautiful face in the picture.

It is Shaun!

“Lin! You killed Uncle Li, how dare you kill our Zhang family’s worker! Are you looking for death!”

Lei Zhang’s voice was full of contempt.

Just hearing this.

Shaun’s mouth curled up:

“This is the second time! If it weren’t for Kelly, you could have died long ago and your Zhang family would have been destroyed!”

“If you tried once more, the god won’t be able to save you!”


Lei Zhang heard the threatening voice, his face was instantly flushed with anger.


He unexpectedly heard the threat from the bastard’s mouth again.

“Lin, you are amazing! You are awesome! But I don’t believe that you alone, can you still compete with our entire Zhang family?”

Lei Zhang’s words were filled with resentment.

And Shaun was too lazy to talk nonsense with him.

He just looked at Lei Zhang lightly, as if looking at a dead person:

“Remember, there will be no mercy next time!”

The words are finished!


Shaun squeezed the palm of his hand, and that mobile phone like a piece of tofu, smashed into pieces.

Stadium exit.

Haibai and Harper were waiting at the exit with gloomy faces.

Especially, when they think of the embarrassing moment that they were thrown out, the anger in their hearts continues to roll.

“What method did this bastard use to get into the gym!” Harper’s face was gloomy.

Until now, he still couldn’t believe that Shaun was able to enter the stadium to watch the game.

“Huh! Leave him alone! When grandpa comes out, we ask him!”

“Also, Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain are both insides. Once these two great masters know, Shaun is the offender who has hurt their grandchildren. Whether this kid can come out alive is a question!”

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