Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 849

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Chapter 849

This arrogant guy…

Everyone was completely speechless.

Especially Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao.

They heard that after Shaun called their grandfathers an ‘old guys’, the two of them were instantly blown into their lungs.

“Okay! Shaun, since you are not giving up! Then I will call my grandfather now, and they both will come here!”

“Yes! We are calling our grandfathers now, and we must tell him about the attitude of this kid!”

That’s it!

Under the horrified sight of everyone.

Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao took out their mobile phones one after another.

Then, they started to make a video call.


When the call got connected, Harper and others behind the wheelchair saw an old man appeared in the video.

The old man seemed to be injured, but it was still difficult to hide his sharp eyes and terrifying aura.

He is Leng Aotian.

“How’s it going? That kid, did you do it yourself?” Leng Aotian asked lightly.

In his words, there seemed to be incomparable confidence.

It seemed that Shaun would do it himself after hearing his threats.

Leng Bufan bit his head and said angrily:

“Grandpa! That kid doesn’t know what is good or bad! He wants you to come in person, and even ranted that you are an old guy and can’t do anything to him!”


After hearing Leng Bufan’s words.

Harper and the others at the back immediately saw that the Leng Aotian expression in the video suddenly stagnated, and then a trace of fierce light began to flicker in his eyes.


At this moment, the atmosphere was extremely suppressed.

Everyone heard the heavy breathing sounds from the video, as a fierce beast, completely irritated by this sentence.


After the silence of depression, a burst of laughter resounded instantly.

“Okay! I didn’t expect that I lost to the master Bloody Buddha and pupil a few days ago! Now even a junior in a third-tier city dares to be disrespectful to me! It’s… !”

“You let the boy clean his neck and wait for the old man! The old man is coming now! See if he has the indecent body of King Kong!”

There was a fierce spirit in the words.

Everyone can hear that when Leng Aotian said this, he was gritting his teeth.

Not only him!

He Jiaojiao, who was next to him, said this to the Helen Mountain in the video.

The same sound of vicissitudes of anger resounded.


“A thing like a dog dares to disrespect Helen Mountain!”

“Okay! Very good! Jiaojiao, you wait for me there, the old man is going to skin that kid now!”

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