Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1022

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Chapter 1022

Unexpectedly, after years of hard work, Irene, who has been in a high position for a long time, has such an edge.

“President Yan, do you want to grab someone from me? Sorry, you are a step late.” Tian Corn smiled.

She never called Irene to her sister.

Although he is Irene’s younger brother-in-law, Tian Maize never fulfills the obligation of this status.

Irene domineering side leaked: “After signing the contract, you can still break the contract!”

Tian Corn looked at Jacob, “You have to see the consequences of breaching the contract before you decide whether to breach the contract?”

Jacob didn’t care about the consequences of breach of contract, but he didn’t like Irene’s style of being a bully.

“What do you want?” he asked her angrily.

When Irene faced him, the cold on her face disappeared, and she smiled: “How can she pretend to be a great god in her little temple. Come to my Huanya, and you can mention the conditions.”

Jacob said: “No need.”

As long as he thinks that the devil looks at him with wretched eyes and uses all kinds of fancy language to provoke him, he will be frustrated.

He refused to be categorical, and the field of corn showed a hint of joy.

She thought secretly, as long as Shao Zhan insisted on coming to her company, Irene would definitely have no choice but to take him.

Tian Maize said: “President Yan, although you are the president of Media Asia that the people look up to, don’t everyone like your temple. This is a legal society. President Yan will not buy and sell in broad daylight?”

Irene swept the corn field with a sharp gaze, “There is no place for you to speak.”

Since Tian Maize kept calling her to be President Yan, why should she take care of family affection and justice.

Tian Ma was biting her teeth with anger.

Irene looked at Jacob, and sincerely analyzed the pros and cons of the workplace to him, “Media Asia is more suitable for you. In the entire imperial capital, all companies with a little reputation have been annexed by Media Asia, and the rest of these companies are in A small company dying on the food and clothing line. The technology is immature and the team is holding back…”

Before she finished speaking, Jacob looked at her provocatively and said: “I prefer to go to small companies, accept challenges, and play games with big companies.”

Irene: “…”

Is this guy going to shoot his company?

Irene was so angry, since this guy is too soft to eat, he will come hard.

“Do you really not come to Media Asia?”

He didn’t even bother to lift his eyelashes. That expression is also very firm.

“Okay. Go to Tian’s family, I won’t stop you.” Irene released her hand.

Jacob pulled out the contract and handed it to Tian Maize.

Tian Maze scorned Irene with contempt, and she knew she couldn’t cure Jacob.

Jacob turned to leave…

But suddenly he heard Irene ordering his subordinates, “Guan Xiao, is that Jincao dead? If it is not dead, stop his medicine, right?”

Jacob’s back condensed, then he turned around and said angrily: “Irene, you are mean.”

Irene smiled like a flower, “Am I despicable?”

“Guan Xiao, buy a cemetery for Jincao by the way…”

“You are shameless.” Jacob gritted his teeth.

“I’m shameless.” Irene raised her face and looked at Jacob triumphantly.

Irene knew that in order to fight Jacob, she couldn’t reason with him. Because of his kind of self-respecting person, his truth is the truth, and the truth of others is just like a ball.

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