Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 85

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Chapter 85

Hongbin Restaurant.

Located opposite the Caesar Hotel.

Today, the Caesar Hotel is reserved by the big bosses in the province, so many rich people have no choice but to come to Hongbin Restaurant for dinner.

For a while, Hongbin Restaurant was very lively.

It’s just that everyone is talking about who is that a big boss that Liu Zhen and others can book a hotel for a banquet.

First floor!

Many guests of the Shen family were seated together.

The front table is the seat of the core members of the Shen family.

Taigong Shen is over seventy years old, with gray hair and looking old.

At this moment, he was sitting in the first place, looking at his young son Jian Shen lightly and said:

“Jian, when will your second sister’s family arrive?”

The second sister, naturally, said Paula.

“Dad, the second sister called just now, and she and Elvira will be here soon.” Jian’s face was red.

Today, his son got married and almost invited many elites from the upper class in Jiang City.

Heard this.

The second aunt on the side said with contempt:

“Huh! She really dared to come. Back then, she had to marry Baishan that trash, but after more than ten years, her daughter also married a trash.”

Not only the second aunt.

The aunt next to her also touched the jade bracelet on her wrist, and said with a smile:

“Who said no! I heard that Elvira’s husband has not worked for three full years. He washes clothes and cooks, eats and waiting for his death. I really don’t know what the second sister has done. Not counting Baishan’s waste, even his daughter found a waste.”

Everyone, one word for you, one word for me.

Almost in the words, he held Shaun as a laughing stock.

Listening to the conversation, Taigong Shen’s expression was extremely gloomy:

“Jian, after your second sister’s family arrives, arrange them in the doorway seat. I don’t want to see them! Humph!”

Seat at the door.

Everyone knows that the distance of this seat is the symbol of inferiority.

The higher the status, you will get the most suitable seat.

The seats at the door were all prepared for poor relatives.

“Got it, Dad!” Uncle Jian nodded, and then ordered.

When everything is arranged.

Taigong Shen couldn’t help but look out the window, the brightly-lit, magnificent Caesar Hotel.

Especially, when he looked from a distance, he was at the door of the hotel and waited respectfully after Liu Zhen and other big guys, Taigong Shen’s face was filled with awe:

“Hey… I really don’t know, our Jiang City still hides such a big man, who is even qualified to let the No. 1 and others in the province wait at the door.”

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