Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

They saw it with their own eyes that Liu Zhen and other big guys who are Provincial No. 1 were already at the door of Caesars Hotel, waiting for half an hour.

This is incredible.

“For a while, be sure to take a good look, who is this terrifying guy they are waiting for!”

“Yeah, if we knew this kind of bigwig, our Shen family would have been so prosperous!”

“Oh…are we qualified to know this big man? Didn’t you see that even our Jiangshi No.1 Zhang Guohao is waiting at the end?”


Everyone in the Shen family was full of admiration and envy at this moment.

But at this moment, the shout of welcome came from outside:

“The second lady of the Shen family, Paula, with her husband Baishan and daughter Elvira, came to attend the engagement ceremony!”

Paula’s family has arrived?

Hearing this, Taigong Shen and the others couldn’t help but looked towards the door.

They suddenly saw that three people, Paula, Baishan, and Elvira, came in.


Seeing Paula’s family, Taigong Shen’s complexion instantly became gloomy.

Not only him, but the rest of the Shen family, no one got up to greet them.

A line of eyes, like a line of ice, pierced the faces of the three of Paula’s family. They only felt like a joke, being stared at by these people.

“Mom…” Elvira’s pretty face was so ugly that she wanted to pull her mother away.

However, the corners of Paula’s mouth are full of bitterness:

“Elvira, accompany me to meet your grandpa!”

After saying this, Paula stubbornly pulled Elvira and Bai Shan towards the table of Shen’s family.

Until they came to Taigong Shen, she said respectfully:

“Dad, here I am…”

Paula looked at her father, her heart was sad and bitter.

“Elvira, call Grandpa!”


Elvira’s pretty face is extremely ugly. When she first married Shaun, Paula asked them to visit Taigong Shen at Shen’s house.

But who knows, she and Shaun stood at the door of Shen’s house for two hours, but in the end they didn’t let in.

And now…

“Foreign…Grandpa!” No amount of dissatisfaction in Elvira’s heart could surpass the pleading in his mother’s eyes, so she could only bite the bullet and shout.

Just heard this.

Taigong Shen’s complexion became more and more gloomy:

“Huh! Don’t call me Grandpa, I can’t afford this old thing.”

“I heard that you also married a trash?”

“I really don’t know type of mads your mother and you are. In those days, your mother was married to Baishan, who was a wasteful person. You also married a waste. Could it be that you want to piss me off!”


Taigong Shen’s words did not leave any affection.

As if it is a slapp in the face, they slapped the Elvira family’s face fiercely, suddenly making their complexions look uglier.

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