Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

This is more than that.

The aunt next to them, continued to ask:

“Paula, where’s your son-in-law? Why didn’t he come? Today is a good day for our Shen family, and it was hard to invite you, so he dare not come!”

“Yes, second sister, your son-in-law’s name is Shaun? We have all met. When he and Elvira had just married and wanted to come to our Shen’s house, but unfortunately, the guards at door didn’t let him in.”

The second aunt’s words were even harsher.

Many people in their family have indeed seen Shaun, and they are also deeply not impressed by Shaun.

After all, so poor, such a joke, indeed became their source of entertainment.

And this sentence of sarcasm made Paula’s complexion paler.

She could only bite her lip and bit her scalp and said:

“Shaun has something to do, and he will join us in a while. He asked us to say hello to Dad.”

say hello?


The eldest aunt and the others burst into laughter.

How could their Shen family care about greetings from a such a crap son-in-law?

Besides, he is a trash, what can he do? Is it possible that he is going to participate in the banquet of Provincial No. 1 as a waste?

It’s ridiculous.

The expressions of the Shen family were full of contempt and sarcasm.

But at this moment, a scream came from a table near the window:

“Look, that big man is here!”

The big man is here.

After hearing this scream, the entire first floor was a in complete sensation.

Taigong Shen and others, as well as the surrounding guests, walked towards the window one after another, with curiosity and admiration on their faces.

Oh My God.

Everyone scrambled, this scene, as if a certain country leader came, made them look forward to and excited.

Seeing this scene, Elvira was stunned.

They couldn’t imagine who it was to cause such a huge sensation.

“What big man? What are you going to see?” Paula couldn’t help but ask curiously.

And hearing this, the aunt next to Paula couldn’t help but looked at Paula contemptuously, and then said:

“Second sister, maybe you don’t know yet? Caesars Hotel, today was reserved by the provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen gangsters in order to entertain a mysterious big man.”

“Just now, Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen, Major General Dong Jun of the Military Region, Ma Yong, the richest man in the south of the Yangtze River, and several big men in Jiang City have stood at the door for half an hour in advance, just waiting for that big man.”


This sentence shocked Paula.

Provincial No. 1 and other big guys, waiting for half an hour at the door?

They simply can’t imagine who it is that he can be so awesome.

At the moment, even Paula’s family couldn’t help but squeeze to the window, their eyes widened, and are looking towards the Caesar Hotel opposite.

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