Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 855

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Chapter 855

“What’s going on? Why are the people of Shengshi Group are here? Isn’t that Leng Kang is here just to avenge his son?”

Baishan was completely confused.

Because he couldn’t think of any reason that could shock all the big men of Shengshi Group.

Just at this moment!

Both father and daughter heard that Lin Guangyao and Leng Bufan were talking about the Skeleton Emperor Card.


Elvira’s pretty face got instantly pale as paper.

Skeleton King Card!

Does she know what’s going on?

At the beginning of the Shengshi Club, Shaun gave this card to her, and even Lin Guangyao and others questioned that he had stolen it.

And Shaun did not refute at all.

“End… over!”

“This time, it seems that our New Bai Group is really in trouble!”

The corners of Elvira’s mouth showed a deep wry smile.

And at this moment!

The sound of footsteps resounded.

Leng Kang, president of Shengshi Group entered with a group of directors.

The whole hall was in an uproar again.



Whether it was Gao Shengyuan, Harper, or others, at this moment they looked at Leng Kang, as if they were looking at their idols, admiring him to the extreme.

And Leng Bufan quickly said:

“Dad! Why are you here? Are you here to avenge me?”

“That’s right! That bastard also stole our Shengshi Group’s Skeleton Emperor Card, and even used this card to deceive Blood Rose and Tianlong Xu!”

“The two wastes are so easy to be fooled by the bastard Shaun, you must not spare them!”

Leng Bufan’s words were full of excitement.

Not just him!

Lin Guangyao, who was behind him, also hurriedly jumped out, and said flatly to Leng Kang:

“Mr. Leng Kang, I can testify! That skeleton emperor card was stolen by this bastard Shaun!”

“At that time, I even questioned him, but he didn’t answer!”


Following the words of Leng Bufan and Lin Guangyao.

Everyone in the entire hall was once again in an uproar.

That’s it!

All the senior members of the New Bai Group felt that their scalp burst.

But Gao Shengyuan and the others were all trembling with excitement!

They didn’t expect Shaun to be dead!

Injure Leng Bufan, He Jiaojiao, Gao Shengyuan!

Enraged the two great masters of Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain!

And now!

This guy turned out to be a thief who has stolen the Skeleton King Card!

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