Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1033

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Chapter 1033

It turns out that her wasteful husband just can’t do dirty work. However, he is a literate man, can play the piano, can use the computer, and more importantly, he can make a lot of money.

Qiulian felt like she was hit by luck, and felt that all of this was so unreal. It was as if her sparrow flew on the branch and turned into a phoenix.

This further strengthened Qiulian’s thoughts in her heart: no matter what, she must hug this golden thigh. For the rest of her life, only he can give her happiness.

As for her man who has been in jail… how can he and A Yuebi? She is a fool to choose him.

Thinking that she had moved out of the original community, Akko should not be able to find her new residence. Qiulian was relieved in her heart.

Qiulian greeted the cold Jacob with a warm face, “Husband, there are four bedrooms. We two live in the master bedroom, and Hu Zi lives in the children’s room next door. There are two rooms left, how would you like to arrange? “

Jacob thought for a while and said, “Let’s make a study.”

Qiulian nodded, “Yes.”

The admiration for him could not be concealed in his eyes.

“I live in another room.”

Qiu Lian felt a little unstable when she was hit by a boulder.

Jacob had already walked to his bedroom, and Qiulian suddenly ran over, hugging him tightly from behind.

“Husband, you don’t want to share rooms with me.”

Jacob removed her arm and said blankly: “Qiulian, I said, don’t force me to do things I don’t like. If you have illusions, then we can only divorce.”

Qiulian bounced off when she heard the word divorce. Looking at him whimpering with tears, “Husband. We are husband and wife!”

A touch of helplessness filled Jacob’s eyes, “I’m sorry.”

“Why? Didn’t you say that you would try to accept me?” Qiulian burst into tears. “Are you starting to despise me?”

Jacob did not speak.

For Qiulian, he always knew his feelings for her. That’s just gratitude.

After Qiulian used low-quality vegetables to host Xiao, he looked down on this woman from the bottom of his heart.

“I’m tired.” Jacob ended their conversation.

Picked up the clothes and entered the bathroom.

At this moment, there is an astronomical telescope on the balcony of the villa garden opposite the bedroom.

Irene peeped at the opposite room for a long time, when she saw Qiulian carrying Jacob from behind, and Jacob took her clothes to the bathroom.

Irene’s blood vessels burst out.

According to her inference, Jacob and Qiulian should stage a passion movie next.

Her mind is very messy.

Faith looked at Mommy’s loss and helpless appearance, she gave Mommy an idea.

“Mummy, why don’t we come to visit Daddy.”

Irene was startled, a wicked smile appeared in her eyes.

“Good idea.”

Irene put the fruit in the fruit plate into the gift basket like a cloud, and then dexterously hung a pair of couplets on the basket, expressing the blessing of housewarming.

Then, she quickly removed her makeup and reapplied a light fruit makeup. Putting on a white dress, with a ball head, beautiful like a fairy.

After everything was ready, Irene and Faith set off.

Jacob came out of the bathroom, Qiulian hadn’t left yet.

She wore almost transparent pajamas, and begged him tenderly. “Husband, if you don’t want to work hard, then let me work hard.”

She came with Yingying Jacob.

A slender hand rested on his chest and slowly moved to the button of his neckline.

But at this time the doorbell rang.

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