Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1034

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Chapter 1034

As if Jacob was released again, “I will open the door.”

Qiulian’s lonely pestle was there.

Jacob came to the living room and opened the security door. When he saw that the people standing at the door were Faith and her mummy, Jacob was a little lost.

“Uncle.” Faith saw Jacob and plunged her head into his arms.

Irene saw that Jacob was wearing home clothes. Although it was in the style of long clothes and trousers, there was no suit for abstinence after all. Moreover, his flowing black hair is still wet, which adds a touch of charm to him.

She stood there, motionless.

After all, she is now pretending to be blind. Even her eyes didn’t dare to turn around presumptuously.

“Husband, who is it?” Qiulian walked out of the back room.

Irene saw her transparent pajamas, and ice-cold water vapor slowly overflowed under her eyes.

This woman deliberately seduce Brother Jie?

Jacob gently stroked Faith’s head, while answering Qiulian, “This is the kid I taught the piano.”

Qiulian looked at Faith, and was a little lost by Faith’s delicate eyebrows.

“It’s beautiful,” Qiulian praised.

Then her gaze shifted to Irene. When she saw Irene, Qiulian couldn’t stand still. She recognized that this beautiful woman was the woman in the portrait painted by A Yue.

Immediately, Qiulian was full of hostility towards her.

“It’s so late, what are you guys doing?” There was some displeasure in the voice.

Irene knew that she had ruined the good things of this woman, and laughed with a guilty conscience: “Sister-in-law, I heard from Faith that Teacher Ayue lives across from us. It seems that he just moved in today. Since he moved to a new house, of course she has to come home for Congratulations!”

Qiulian was dumb.

Faith took Jacob’s hand, shook it affectionately, and said coquettishly: “Uncle, can you let me visit your new home.”

Jacob couldn’t refuse Ruan Meng Tongbao’s acting like a baby, and patted her forehead, “Go.”

Faith turned to help Irene, “Mommy, come in and sit back.”

Irene smiled and said, “Okay.”

An anger filled Qiulian’s eyes.

Youhen glanced at Jacob, only to find that Jacob’s gaze had been following Irene’s mother and daughter, and his gaze was gentle and indulgent that she had never seen before.

Jacob poured water for the mother and daughter, then sat on the sofa beside Irene, and handed the cup to Faith.

Faith takes it and drinks it.

When Jacob handed another cup of water to Irene, Faith pretended not to see it. She just wanted to get Daddy and Mommy in touch.

When Irene reached out to receive the water glass, she deliberately fumbled.

Jacob could only reach out one hand to grab her hand, and put the water glass on the palm of her hand.

“Thank you, Teacher A Yue.”

Irene also gave him a lot of face, and drank gracefully while holding a water glass.

“It’s a coincidence, we turned out to be neighbors.” Irene sighed.

“I have a sense of accomplishment for the “living next door” planned by myself.”

Jacob nodded.

“From then on, can I hear Teacher A Yue’s piano every day?”

Jacob looked at her bright and charming face and asked with a smile, “What song do you want to listen to? I’ll play it for you!”

“As long as you play, it should be the most beautiful music in the world.”

Qiulian looked at Jacob with a bitter look. When he chatted with Irene, the handsome face of the iceberg seemed to meet the scorching sun, and the frozen snow was melted.

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