Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 856

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Chapter 856

That’s it!


Harper and Shen Jie looked at Shaun at this moment, with pleasure, complexity, and even a little pity.

After all!

Although they hated Shaun a lot, they had to admit that this guy was their relative, and sometimes the methods of this bastard, even as opponents, were somewhat admirable.


“All grievances and hatreds, is it coming to an end today?” Harper gave Shaun a complicated look.

Suddenly, he felt that this guy was not as nasty as before.

For a moment, he didn’t even want Shaun to have an accident.

More than him!

A wry smile appeared at the corner of Shen Jie’s mouth:

“Brother! Although Shaun is afraid that this time he will be in danger, why, I feel a little bit sorrowful for him!”

“However, he is this guy who has hurt Young Master Leng and Miss He! He still disdains the two great masters, and this makes me have some admiration for him!”

“If you ask to change my opinion, I definitely can’t do it!”

Shen Jie shook his head, his face full of complexity.

And Harper also involuntarily patted him on the shoulder.

“It’s not just you, but me too! Although I hate Shaun, I admit that he is an opponent that I admire!”

That’s it.

The expressions of Shen Jie and Harper became even more complicated.


And at this moment!

As if hearing the words of Leng Bufan and Lin Guangyao, the footsteps of a group of big men like Leng Kang gave a slight pause.

His eyes turned to look at his son, and there was no emotion in his eyes.

It seemed that even if his son was kicked to the ground, he couldn’t cause him the slightest disturbance.

“I know about Emperor Card!”

Leng Kang no longer paid attention to Leng Bufan and others, but led a group of Shengshi directors, stepping towards Shaun.

Da da da!

The sound of footsteps, like a series of reminders, made the faces of the seniors of the New Bai Group paler, and some of them were already unstable and limp on the ground.


When Leng Kang waited for a group of big guys, walked in front of Shaun and others.

Just about to speak.

“Do not!!!”

A scream came suddenly.

Everyone was surprised to see that from the direction of the elevator, a woman ran out quickly.

It is Elvira.

Her pretty face was pale, and at this moment, she hurried to Shaun, and then stopped in front of Shaun, as if she was protecting a little chicken, and said to Leng Kang and others with a panic face:

“President Leng Kang, directors of Shengshi Group, hello! I am Elvira!”

“Regarding the Skeleton King Card, I can tell everyone that this matter has nothing to do with my husband Shaun!”

“That card… I stole it!”

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