Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 859

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Chapter 859

More than them!

After reacting, Gao Zhilong’s mouth also twitched fiercely. He only felt that his heart was dripping blood.

Their Shengyuan Group was the first supplier of The New Bai Group.

If the contract was not terminated, then their company will be the same as New Bai Group, soaring into the sky, becoming the top chaebol in Jiangnan.

But now, wasted!

Thinking of this.

Gao Zhilong looked at his son, full of hatred and cruelty:

“You bastard! I want to kill you!”

Gao Zhilong seemed to be crazy, kicking Gao Zhiyuan’s wheelchair to the ground, and then slapped Gao Shengyuan.

“Dad…no, don’t hit me! I was wrong, I know I was wrong!”

Gao Shengyuan almost freaked out at this moment.

He understood why he was so angry.

And he also regretted it.

However, there was no way to start again, feeling the appearance of the master wishing to kill him, Gao Shengyuan trembled, but he was completely scared to pee.

And contrary to them.

After hearing Leng Kang’s words.

All the senior staff of the New Bai Group was confused.

Elvira, Baishan, and the rest of the high-levels, one by one, as if struck by lightning, their eyes widened, and their faces were full of consternation.

“I… Am I wrong? We have become the first partner of Shengshi?”

“God…God! We are going to succeed? God has sent us such a generous gift.”

“No, that’s not right! Shaun seems to have said before that we will fly into the sky today! Could it be this?”


At this moment, after a brief astonishment for Baishan, Elvira, and others, Shaun’s words echoed in everyone’s mind.

This guy said before that The New Bai Group will fly into the sky today.

At that time, everyone thought he was crazy.

And now!

When the opportunity to fly soaring into the sky appeared before their eyes, everyone had a sense of creepy fear.

One after another, they all looked at Shaun, as if they were looking at a devil.

They couldn’t figure out how Shaun knew?

In the hall at the moment.

Not only these suppliers.

The most shocking people were Leng Bufan and others.

“No…impossible! Is my father crazy? Elvira and Shaun stole Emperor Card, and even the bastard Shaun destroyed me!”

“My father is not avenging me. He…he listed the enemy’s company as the number one partner! How could this be?”

Bufan’s face was as ugly as dead gray. Even if he wanted to break his head, he couldn’t figure out why.

And behind his wheelchair.

Harper, Shen Jie, and Lin Guangyao were even more stunned.

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