Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 872

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Chapter 872

Whether it is military, political, or even other major fields, it is almost full of children and disciples of these four great famous families.

Mr. Bai was a child of the Jiangnan Bai family back then.

Because he failed to fight for power, he was expelled from his home and he migrated to Jiangshi. Only then did he establish Jiangshi Bai Group.


Over the past few decades, Mr. Bai didn’t even dare to meet Jiangnan Bai clan members.

Now, he was forced to turn to Jiangnan Bai for help.


“I know you are afraid! Why am I not afraid!”

From the look of everyone, Mr. Bai seemed to have predicted.

His face shone with a thick complex color:

“Jiangnan Bai family, it’s too terrible! Even the Shengshi Group, in front of the Bai family, is nothing!”

“They are in the military, with a three-star general, Baihu, and 10,000 sergeants who are stationed in the East China Sea. They are unmatched!”

“They are in politics, there are four-star bosses who cover the sky with only one hand, no one can dare to follow it!”

“They are organized in the dark world-white angels! The killer mercenaries in there, even if Leng Aotian and others meet, there is only one dead-end!”

Speaking of which.

Grandpa Bai felt a chill on his scalp, and said with a trembling voice:

“But right now, if I don’t ask for help from Jiangnan Bai’s family, then the foundation I have worked so hard to build can only be swallowed up alive!”

“And I don’t want this to happen!!!”

Hearing the words of Mr. Bai.

All the Bai family members around were completely silent.

That’s right!

The current situation has completely pushed their Bai family to a dead end. Only by relying on the Jiangnan Bai family can they be saved.

Thinking of this.

Haibai and all the Bai family members bowed to Mr. Bai together:

“We’ll wait, listen to the grandfather orders!!!”

At this moment, it wasn’t just the Bai family who was in a mess.

After the news about the opening ceremony of The New Bai Group came out.

The whole of Jiang City was stunned by the shock.

Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao were beaten and rescued.

Tiansheng Group announced bankruptcy and liquidation.

Gao Zhilong and others went to jail.

This news seemed to blow up the whole Jiangshi completely.

Not only that!

In particular, when the Shengshi Group, Lanshan Group, and other Jiangnan chaebols announced that they had reached a cooperation agreement with The New Bai Groups.


The New Bai Group has become an upstart in Jiangnan that almost every Jiangshi population has passed on. Almost everyone has already seen the day when the New Bai Group will grow up.

It’s just that Shaun didn’t care about all this.

In the next few days, he still stayed at home every day, washing, mopping the floor, and cooking.

“This soup is called Eight Treasures Forging Muscle Lotus Seed Soup!”

“Eight kinds of herbs have the effect of forging muscles and strengthening bones. Coupled with the fragrance of lotus seeds, this soup is not only delicious but also has high nutritional value! It has the effect of forging bones and longevity!”

In the kitchen, Shaun had just opened the lid of the pot, and a refreshing fragrance floated out of the pot.

This is a soup he has personally developed.

Eight kinds of medicinal herbs, after being matched with a unique secret method, are stewed together with lotus seeds.

In the blood prison, Shaun not only taught the blood prison sergeants fighting secrets but also using a variety of medicated meals.

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