Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 875

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Chapter 875

Not taking any medication?

Hearing this.

The eyes of the old man Mai Yi got bright, and they became more intense:


“Sir, do you know that once a person steps into the fifty-year-old threshold, the body’s functions degenerate at a terrifying speed! And I was watching you along the way just now! Your body functions have not degenerated? Even, there is a sign of rejuvenation!”

“If you say you didn’t take drugs, I don’t believe it!”

Hearing this.

Baishan and Paula were completely confused.

Signs of rejuvenation?

This…what a joke!

At this moment, Baishan looked at the old man’s eyes as if he was looking at a magic stick.

However, he has not yet waited for him to refute.

The old man Mai continued to say:

“Gentleman, can you easily fall asleep every night now? And every morning, wake up regularly!”

“Besides, do you feel that your strength seems to be increasing and your skin seems to be tightening! Also, you now have a sign of erection every morning!”

Nest… Nest grass!

After listening to this sentence of the old man Mai.

Baishan was completely dumbfounded.

Although a little embarrassed, the old man said nothing wrong.

In the old days, Baishan had sore back every day, tossing and turning at night, and insomnia became almost the norm.

And now!

It’s very simple to fall asleep every night, wake up every morning, and there are even signs of male erection.

This is more than that.

Baishan now also found that his strength seems to be much stronger, even if he walks faster than before, and he doesn’t feel tired at all.


“Old gentleman, how did you know?”

Baishan was shocked.

He can be sure that this is the first time he has seen this old man, and when this old man opened his mouth, he told him about his physical condition, which is simply incredible.


After hearing Baishan’s affirmative answer, the old man in sackcloth was suddenly ecstatic:

“Sir, the past few days I’m talking about are signs of rejuvenation! In the words of a martial artist, this is forging your muscles and bones. If things go on like this, you can even restore your body functions of your twenties!”


The old man Mai surprised Baishan with his words.

He has heard of the forging muscles and bones of people in martial arts.

And he, never exercises, how can he reach the level of forging muscles and bones!

This is more than that.

The old man Mai turned his head to look at Paula, especially at Paula’s leg in plaster, and couldn’t help asking:

“Lady, depending on how well your leg has recovered, it should have been broken two months ago, right?”

Two months?

Paula was blank, then shook her head:

“No! My leg was broken a week ago!”


One week!

This time, the old man was taken aback.

He carefully observed Paula’s legs, and then there was a look of ghosts on his face:

“Madam, don’t you feel any pain in your leg now? Usually, there is a tingling sensation in your leg as if an ant is crawling?”

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