Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 888

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Chapter 888


Is he speaking?

This… how is this possible?

Ye Tian was struck by lightning. He looked at the patient’s sober appearance as if he had seen a ghost:

“You… are you all right? This is impossible!”

While talking.

Ye Tian rushed forward and checked the patient again.

However, following the inspection, Ye Tian’s complexion turned pale:

“High fever, it’s gone!”

“The lymph nodes seem to be small!”

“The bleeding from the pores has stopped!”

“No… how could this happen! Isn’t it the Black Death?”

Dense cold sweat rushed down Ye Tian’s forehead.

Until he was completely sure, the patient’s symptoms before him all returned to normal.


Ye Tian seemed to have lost all his strength, and fell to the ground, completely confused.


At this moment, many passersby around saw this scene, even if they were stupid, they understood what had happened.


Everyone did not expect that this patient was dying just now, and when the needles were pulled out, he was healed as before!

This method is simply incredible, making everyone unbelievable.

“Now, have you taken it?”

Madman Mike stood in front of Ye Tian at the moment, his face was full of ridicule and sarcasm:

“I told you a long time ago that God Doctor Lin is my idol, and you are not even qualified to drink water in his shoes!”


Mike’s words seemed to have stepped on Ye Tian’s tail.

Let him jump up from the ground.

“You…you dare to say that I am not qualified to drink water in his shoes?”

Ye Tian stared at Mike angrily, gritted his teeth with anger.

Who is he?

He is Zhang Tianyi’s closed disciple.

Although he is only in his early twenties, he has already received the absolute true biography of Zhang Tianyi. He is a master of medical skills.

Even in the whole Jiangnan medical profession, there are only a handful of people who can beat him.

And now!


Ye Tian only felt as if he had been humiliated, and this made him angry.

He stared at Shaun, his teeth creaking:

“Boy, I admit, you won this round, I was the one who took it away!”

“But, I still don’t believe that you have reached the realm of my master Zhang Tianyi’s genius doctor!”

“So, I have to compete with you!!!”


Ye Tian said this, and the people around him were in an uproar again.

They didn’t expect that Ye Tian would still be unwilling to accept his defeat, and would even try his medical skills with Shaun.

Huh huh!

At this moment, everyone’s eyes all fell on Shaun.

They want to know whether this genius doctor Lin, who has just performed a miracle, will accept the challenge?


“Yes!” Shaun just nodded faintly, as if he had promised a trivial thing.

Seeing this scene.

Ye Tian nodded in satisfaction:

“Don’t say anything else!”

Ye Tian immediately said to the medical staff:

“Let the next patient come over!”


Hearing this, everyone knew that the good show was coming again, and they were all excited and looking forward to it.

They wanted to know whether Ye Tian could save his face and whether Shaun would continue to perform miracles in the next competition.

However, just when a medical staff wanted to call the next patient.


Shaun Said.

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