Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 901

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Chapter 901


At this moment, there is a long silence in the surrounding.

Everyone’s eyes were on Zhang Tianyi, who was kneeling on the ground, and Shaun who was standing upright, constantly scanning.

One old and one young!

Same as the genius doctor!

But Shaun has made Zhang Tianyi, a genius doctor, worship him like a god, which is incredible.

“Not bad!”

In Shaun’s gaze, the color of surprise grew stronger. He looked at Zhang Tianyi and said with a faint smile:

“Your eyesight is extraordinary! In that case, I can accept you as a disciple!”

“However, there is one condition!”


Hearing Shaun’s words, Zhang Tianyi’s body trembled, and then his face suddenly showed a strong color of ecstasy:

“Sir, please tell me, no matter what the condition is, I will go through all fire and water, and I will do it!”

Zhang Tianyi’s excited body was shaking.

He is the Bone Saint!

This god in the medical world actually promised to accept him as a disciple, which made him very excited.

Feeling Zhang Tianyi’s fiery gaze, Shaun smiled slightly, then pointed to dozens of patients next to him, and then said:

“You have to treat all these people well, then you can worship me as a teacher!”


Zhang Tianyi was taken aback for a moment. When he glanced at the surrounding patients, he suddenly smiled and said:

“Master, please rest assured, I will do it if I don’t have time to eat or drink today!”

After hearing this.

Shaun nodded in satisfaction, immediately waved to the old man and the others, and then stepped towards the crowd, wanting to leave this place.

Seeing this scene!


Elder Gao, Madman Mike, and others, as well as Zhang Tianyi, all bowed to Shaun:

“Respectfully send Master!”

“Send genius Doctor Lin!”

Fanatic and respectful voices resounded endlessly.

And Shaun’s thin figure fell in the eyes of everyone around him, like a god walking in the world, worshipped and awed.

When Shaun left.

Zhang Tianyi hurriedly sat before the examination table, greeted the patients one by one, and helped them diagnose.

And seeing this scene.

Gao Lao and Madman Mike smiled, they looked at Zhang Tianyi with envy to the extreme.

After all, only the two of them know Shaun’s true identity.

Zhang Tianyi’s ability to follow Shaun as a teacher is definitely a blessing that Zhang Tianyi has cultivated in his lifetimes.


Passersby left one after another, and the doctors returned to the hospital.

In a short while, only Zhang Tianyi and Ye Tian left who helped patients.

Seeing his master, wiping the sweat from his forehead, while helping a patient with excitement on his face, Ye Tian’s heart was completely mixed.

“Master, why you want him as your teacher?”

“The man named Lin is about the same age as me! Even if he is capable, how he can be better than you! After all, you are the genius doctor of Megatron Jiangnan!”

Ye Tian hesitated for a long time and finally asked Zhang Tianyi.

He can’t understand!

It is also difficult to accept.

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