Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1105

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Chapter 1105

After Tan Xiaoyu woke up, he asked the doctor to see Irene.

Irene changed into sterile clothes and went to visit Tan Xiaoyu.

Tan Xiaoyu’s head was wrapped in thick gauze, and her dark long hair fell on her chest, making her face paler against the backdrop.

“Sister-in-law.” Irene sat in front of her, calling out softly.

Tan Xiaoyu laughed weakly, “Sister Irene, I think I’m going to die soon. I have to say something to you. Otherwise, I won’t be stunned.”

“Sister-in-law, you will be fine. You have to trust the technology of our Media Asia Hospital.” Irene’s eyes whispered.

Xiaoyu tremblingly stretched out her hand, Irene hurriedly held her hand, “Sister-in-law, you said.”

Tan Xiaoyu said: “Tell Irene, never feel guilty. Because being able to give him the kidney is the most correct decision I have made in my life. I am so grateful to him. In the last few years of my life, he gave me a warm heart. Home. There are strict fathers, loving mothers, and lovely and kind sister Irene. I will be content in this life.”

Irene cried and said, “Sister-in-law, don’t say anything depressed, I will be afraid. I beg you, you must survive well.”

Xiaoyu said with great gratitude, “Sister Irene, I have lived enough. It’s time to return Zhengzheng to Janice. You said sorry to Janice for me. When Zhengzheng pursued me, I didn’t know her existence. . I want a home so much, and Zhengzheng is so sincere. So I agreed to Zhengzheng. Later I learned about the sad love story between Zhengzheng and Janice. I wanted to divorce, but Zhengzheng used all kinds of excuses to pervert me. . I know he has a good heart, he is afraid that I have nowhere to go.”

Irene held Xiaoyu’s hand, eyes flushed with tears. “Sister-in-law, listen to me, since you and Zhengzheng are not together because of love, then you should return the Zhengzheng to Janice. Okay? And you, want a warm and happy home, I will give it to you. Starting today, You are no longer called Tan Xiaoyu. You are my elder sister, my elder sister, and your name is Irene. I will let my parents adopt you. Okay?”

There was a look of longing in Tan Xiaoyu’s eyes, “Can you? Sister Irene.”

“Mom likes you so much. Dad and Grandpa appreciate you very much. They will definitely accept my suggestion. From then on, you are the eldest daughter of my Yan family. From then on, Irene and I will listen to you.”

Tan Xiaoyu nodded happily, “Okay. I listen to you.”

“Then you must treat the illness well. We are waiting for the eldest sister to come home.”

“Yeah.” Tan Xiaoyu smiled beautifully.

Irene suddenly thought of something, and a touch of anger suddenly appeared on her face, “By the way, sister, did Silvia push you off the balcony?”

Tan Xiaoyu said: “Nothing can lie to you.”

Coming out of the ward, Irene’s face was very shocking.

In the waiting room, Silvia had already waited impatiently, and said with her face slung: “How long are we going to stay in the hospital? We won’t let the sister-in-law not be discharged. Let’s just stay here and wait?”

Cui Anru gave her a sideways glance, “Wait a little longer and you will die. Anyway, listen to what the doctor says.”

In fact, Cui Anru wanted to leave, but she was a grassroots person. Now that Irene’s power is overwhelming, she will bend herself down.

When Irene came out, everyone surrounded him.

“Why, Lingbao, is your sister-in-law okay?”

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