Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 926

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Chapter 926


Looking at the solemn expression of Mr. Bai, Bai Chen and Bai San felt that this incident would be earth-shattering.

At that moment, the expressions of everyone suddenly became solemn.

Seeing this scene.

Grandpa Bai swallowed fiercely, and said with a trembling voice:

“The true identity of Grand Master Lin is the king of the Bloody Buddha! The legendary may be the king of the blood prison!”


The words “the king of blood prison” fell in the ears of everyone.

Bai Chen’s whole body seemed to be struck by lightning and instantly fell to the ground.

And the twelve white angels were also scared to pee. If they weren’t masters, they would have been fall to the ground just like Bai Chen.

King of the Blood Prison!

That legendary super horror.

How can this be?

“The King of Blood Prison, it is said that he controls the world of darkness, under one word, can wipe out countless international giants!”

“Impossible! How can the world’s highest god appear here?”

Bai Chen only felt that his back was completely wet with cold sweat.

His face was gleaming with incredible disbelief.

More than him!

Grandpa Bai also said with a wry smile:

“Yeah, who can believe it!”

“But, this is the truth! So in Jiang City, you will never know who is the real master of this city!”

“Anyone who provokes him, even the strongest person in China, maybe overwhelmed!”

Mr. Bai’s words were serious and thoughtful, like a ringing of a bell, causing Bai Chen, Bai San, and others to fall into contemplation.

Only then did they understand that there are people outside the world, and there is heaven outside the sky.

After a long time.

Bai Chen finally settled down from the shock of the King of Blood Prison.

He sat on the chair again, then turned his head and said to the Bai San and others:

“Okay! You act wisely this time, just be careful, we can’t provoke Grandmaster Lin!”

A trace of horror appeared in Bai Chen’s eyes:

“The person you are going to deal with is Shaun and his subordinates!”

“Three days later, they will come to Bai’s house for a party, and on that day, I want you to catch four people, Tianlong Xu, Blood Rose, Lord Dao, Lord Tiger!”

“We will kill them if Shaun refused to surrender the New Bai Group to us.”

Hearing this Bai San and the other twelve masters got shocked:

“Oh, yes!!!”

at the same time!

The Baishan family had just finished dinner, and Shaun was wearing a kitchen outfit and finished painting in the kitchen.

His ears moved slightly, but he heard a rapid footstep, walking towards his home.

“It seems that there is news!”

The corner of Shaun’s mouth curled slightly, then he took off his gloves and said to Elvira:

“My wife, I’ll go out and throw the garbage!”

After speaking, Shaun carried a bag of garbage and walked straight out of the room.

The deep night has fallen.

Outside Elvira’s house, the street lights were dim.

Shaun walked out of the courtyard and threw the bag of garbage into the trash bin. Instead of returning home directly, he took a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, took one out of it, lit it, and slowly smoked it.

Da da da!

With rapid footsteps, a black-clothed man rushed there quickly.

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