Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 927

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Chapter 927

After seeing Shaun, this person was taken aback. He didn’t expect Shaun to stand outside the courtyard, and it looked like he was waiting for him.

“Mr. Lin!”

The man quickly stepped forward and bowed to Shaun.

“Are you from Lord Tiger?” Shaun glanced at this person lightly:

“Go ahead, what’s the matter!”

Hearing this.

The man said directly:

“Mr. Lin, our people have just discovered that four Land Rover vehicles have gone to Bai’s house. The license plate belongs to Jiangnan City, and it is probably from Jiangnan Bai’s family!”

“Moreover, a total of twelve people got off the cars, and they were extremely terrifying!”

“Master Tiger asked me to inform you, be careful!”

Jiangnan Bai’s house?

When Shaun heard this, a hint of disdain appeared in the corner of his mouth.

“It seems that Jiangnan Bai’s family has brought some people to deal with Shaun!”

“Tell Lord Tiger, they must be white angels!”

White angels!

When this name fell in the ears of this man, his complexion suddenly changed. He had heard of this terrible organization, especially knowing that this organization has killed countless people and has never failed.

And now, if twelve white angels are here, they were almost an invincible force who can sweep Jiang City.

Thinking of this.

The man’s complexion became instantly pale.

However, at this moment.

“Come out!”


Hearing Shaun’s voice, the black man got stunned.

There are only two people here, he and Shaun. He doesn’t understand at all, who is Mr. Lin calling to come out?

But, just when he was shocked.


He only felt two gusts of wind, suddenly blew, two more old men appeared beside him.

Especially after seeing the faces of these two old men.


The man in black was almost scared to pee.

Because these two are the strongest duo in Jiangnan Ming-Helen Mountain and Leng Aotian.

“Hello, Mr. Lin!!!”

As soon as the two great masters showed up, they bowed to Shaun, respectfully.

Looking at the two of them, Shaun seemed to have guessed their intentions, and said with a smile:

“You got the news too?”


The two great masters nodded together, and then said solemnly:

“According to the information we have received, this time the Jiangnan Bai family has sent White Angles group of 12 people. The captain is named Bai San. He is a top-level master, and there are eleven veteran masters in his team!”

“These people have participated in 36 assassination and massacre missions before, and failed in none!”

Have to say!

Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain, as the two most powerful people in Jiangnan Ming, have an extremely sharp intelligence network in their hands.

When the White Angel had just entered Jiang City, they both have controlled the situation.

Hearing this, Shaun smiled slightly but didn’t care.

As if in his eyes.

A top master, with a group of veteran masters, is just not more than twelve bugs.

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