Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 933

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Chapter 933

“Shaun, why are you so impulsive! Your words completely angered Bai Chen and Mr. Bai! They are likely to be against you!”

“Yeah, Shaun, you were too impulsive, what will you do now? If they want to kill you, then the consequences…”


The Baishan family is like ants on a hot pot at the moment.

That’s it!

They can sense the murderous intent of those people, that is to say, today Shaun is likely to be doomed.

However, what surprised Baishan’s family was that Shaun didn’t seem to know that he was in trouble.

He touched his nose and said with a smile:

“Parents, wife don’t worry, just wait to get the official seal and collect the property!”


Hearing this, the Baishan family got shocked.

Take the official seal?

Receiving industry?

This guy is still dreaming, thinking that he can annex the Bai Group?

This is simply unreasonable.

For an instant, the Baishan family got silent. They couldn’t listen to Shaun’s words at all but were anxiously thinking about ways to help Shaun to runaway.

And on the side.

Those guests in the courtyard also heard Shaun’s words.

However, they laughed louder to hear this all.

“Hahaha…Did you hear that? This kid still doesn’t know that he has caused a disaster, but he is still dreaming of taking the official seal and reaping the property?”

“Huh! He an idiot, he thinks he can annex the Bai Group? He is just dreaming!”

“Yeah, Young Master Bai Chen and Mr. Bai are going to kill to kill him, he is over!”


The crowd was noisy.

Almost everyone thought that Shaun was completely finished this time, it was impossible to get out of the Bai family alive.

And just when everyone was talking about this.

Mr. Bai stood up from the main seat and waved to everyone.


The entire courtyard quickly calmed down, and they looked towards the stage.

“Thank you all for coming to join our party!”

“Today, in addition to welcoming the arrival of Master Bai Chen, we also have a heavyweight guest who is coming soon!”

Mr. Bai’s voice was calm and powerful.

And hearing this, the people below boiled again.

Heavyweight guest?

Everyone could not imagine, besides Young Master Bai Chen, there would be any other guest who made Grandpa Bai attach such importance and announced it to all.

Noticing everyone’s doubts!

Grandpa Bai continued to smile and said:

“This guest has been famous in our Jiangnan for decades and saved countless people. He is called the living Huatuo!”


As soon as these words came out, all the guests in the courtyard completely exploded.

Living Huatuo!

He is the genius doctor Zhang Tianyi.

No one thought that even the genius doctor Zhang was invited to this party, which was simply too exciting.

But this is more than that.

Grandpa Bai continued excitedly:

“The reason why doctor Zhang is invited today is because of the young master Bai Chen. He will represent the Jiangnan Bai family and ask doctor Zhang to help the mother of the Bai family to treat the illness!”

“In addition, along with the great doctor Zhang, the Jiangnan Bai family is also planning to invite the great doctor master Lin!”

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