Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 934

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Chapter 934


Doctor Lin!

For all the Jiangshi bosses, Doctor Lin is even more like a god-like name.

In particular, after the news that Dr. Lin has accepted Doctor Zhang as his disciple, Dr. Lin has become an idol and god in the hearts of everyone in Jiang City.

“Oh my god, do you still need to call for the genius doctor Lin? I heard that this genius doctor Lin is extremely mysterious, and few people have seen his true face!

“Yeah, I also heard that the doctor Zhang actually went to visit the doctor Lin a few days ago. It is even more legendary than a plate of medicated food of the doctor Lin has the magical effects of rejuvenating and forging bones and muscles!”

“Hahaha…I can’t wait to see the mysterious genius doctor Lin!”


Many Jiangshi bosses were extremely excited one by one.

Doctor Zhang, plus Doctor Lin!

If these two great genius doctors were invited to come together, it would definitely be a super event that could shake the entire Jiangnan Province.

It’s just that when everyone is inexplicably excited.

A discordant voice came slowly from the corner:

“Tsk tsk, I don’t think so!”

“Unfortunately, Doctor Zhang will not accept your invitation, and Doctor Lin will not accept your invitation as well!”


As soon as this remark came out which was abrupt, the atmosphere in the entire Bai family courtyard suddenly became quiet.


Everyone turned around and looked at the place where the sound was coming from, and they got surprised to find that it was Shaun who said this!

For a moment, the atmosphere in the courtyard became slightly embarrassing.


Suddenly, many famous celebrities in the courtyard fry the pot again.

One after another shouted:

“Shaun, what are you talking about! You are trash, why are you talking nonsense?”

“Yes, Mr. Lin, how do you know that Doctor Zhang and Doctor Lin will not accept the invitation! It’s like you know those two great men, what are you!”

“Huh! What an idiot!”


Many guests cursed at Shaun, and every sentence was filled with deep contempt.

Even Baishan’s family felt hot on their faces, ashamed and embarrassed.

Especially feeling the contempt and disgust of everyone, they even want to find a place to get in.

“Shaun, shut up!” Elvira flushed with anger.

She was still thinking about how to get Shaun out of this situation, but she didn’t expect that this guy will cause more trouble.

Baishan and Paula also said with a wry smile:

“Shaun, don’t talk nonsense. We don’t know Doctor Zhang and Doctor Lin. How can we know that these two great men will not accept the invitation!”

“Yes, Shaun, don’t embarrass us!”

The family was so hard-hearted that Shaun should shut up.

And hearing this!

Shaun shrugged faintly, and said with a smile:

“Parents, wife, don’t worry, as I said, Master Zhang and Master Lin will not accept the invitation, so they will definitely not!”

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