Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 94

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Chapter 94

At this moment, Taigong Shen stood trembling, looking at the sudden appearance of Liu Zhen and others, he was completely dazed.

The old face was filled with astonishment and disbelief.

Even the body was trembling.

And Jian and others were almost scared and fell to the ground.

“I…I am…” Baishan became even more confused.

He only felt that his head was down, and he didn’t even react for a while, but instinctively agreed.

And hear this!

Da da da!

They saw that Liu Zhen and others who are Provincial No.1 came quickly towards Baishan:

“Mr. Baishan, looking for a long time! We heard that you are dining here, we came here to visit!”

Came specially to visit.

When the Shen family on the first floor, as well as all the guests, heard that the provincial No.1 Liu Zhen and other bigwigs were actually here to visit Baishan.

Everyone could hardly believe their ears.

“I… Am I dreaming?” Taigong Shen’s breathing became sharp.

The old face flushed, covering his heart, as if he would have a heart attack at any time.

On the side, Jian seemed to have turned into a clay sculpture, completely stunned.

He twitched his lips before saying:

“Dad…it seems like they really came to visit Baishan on the 1st!”


With this sentence, Taigong Shen’s breathing was stagnant, and his whole body fell to the ground.

The people around were in a mess, and they stepped forward to help.

“White Mountain…White Mountain…”

Taigong Shen’s complexion turned purple, and he kept chanting the name.

The astonishment in that look is hard to conceal. I am afraid that he would never have imagined that the waste son-in-law, whom he looked down upon in all bad manners, actually knew the big men such as Provincial No.1 Liu Zhen, and let these big men come to visit in person. …how is this possible.

More than Taigong Shen.

At this moment, even Baishan, Paula, and Elvira were all confused.

“Liu…Chairman Liu, do you know our Baishan?” Paula covered her lips, her face was full of surprise.

Heard this.

Provincial No.1 Liu Zhen couldn’t help but glanced at Shaun’s expression secretly, and when he found that the other party nodded, he said respectfully:

“Hahaha, I heard a big man talk about it before, Mr. Baishan is simple and straightforward, and is the benchmark for all citizens of our Jiangnan Province.”


A big man mentioned it?

The corners of Baishan’s mouth twitched. He wanted to break his head, but he couldn’t understand how this big person knew him:

“President Liu, I don’t know who the big man you are talking about is?”

At this moment, almost everyone had their ears upright.

After all, if someone like Liu Zhen can be called a big shot, everyone is curious about who the other party is.

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