Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 95

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Chapter 95


Liu Zhen couldn’t help but coughed, and then he could only bite the bullet and said:

“That big man is… Mr. Lin!”


As soon as this remark came out, the entire first floor was instantly silent.

Lin… Mr. Lin?

Is he the one who asked Liu Zhen to wait for him before, wait half an hour respectfully, facing each other, and bow and salute?


After reacting, the entire first floor was instantly fried.

“That Mr. Lin actually knows Baishan, Emma, we really have no eyes, we knew it, even if we offended the Shen family, we must have a good relationship with Baishan!”

“God, they really don’t know Baishan, and dare to hate Mr. Baishan, who is the real boss! He does know Mr. Lin!”

“This sh!t Shen’s family, a group of stinking pigs, they just laughed at Mr. Baishan!”


At this moment, all the guests were angry.

They were angry and were cursing the Shen family.

After all, they had took the side of the Shen family and mock, contempt, and humiliate the Baishan family.

Who knows, the family who made them ridicule were truly something else.

Suddenly, even many guests have already begun to figure out how to get in touch with Baishan and curry favor.

And the other side.

The Shen family was completely confused.

“Baishan knows… Mr. Lin?” Taigong Shen only felt his heart twitch, and when he turned his eyes, he almost fainted.

The second aunt next to him was full of dementia:

“No…impossible, how could Baishan this trash…”


As soon as the second aunt’s words were spoken, Jian next to him seemed crazy, slapped her face with his hand.

“It’s all you stinky lady, I asked you to arrange the second sister’s family at the door, and didn’t let you give them the broken tables and chairs and the leftovers!”

“It’s all right now, what are you…”

Jian was so angry that he was gasping for breath.

But the second aunt covered her face and did dare to say:

“I… I don’t know that Baishan knows Mr. Lin…”

Broken tables and chairs, leftovers!

That was indeed her idea, in order to severely humiliate the Elvira family.

It’s just that she couldn’t think of it, so she lifted a rock and hit her own foot.

Just for them!

Liu Zhen and others didn’t care, and didn’t even glance at it.

“Mr. Baishan, we have an request, and we hope you can fulfill it!” Liu Zhen said respectfully to Baishan.

Upon hearing this, Bai Shan said quickly:

“Chairman Liu, please tell me, I’m just a small citizen. I don’t know how I can help you?”

“That’s it!” Liu Zhen glanced at the big guys behind him, then said:

“We want to have dinner with Mr. Baishan’s family. Is it convenient?”

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