Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 953

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Chapter 953

“Is that man on the ground Master Bai Chen? He seems to be scared to pee?”

“Shaun has nothing to do? Also, what about the Big Four? Didn’t the White Angels arrest them? What about people?”

After a brief silence, the entire group of guests was suddenly noisy.

Their faces were filled with deep horror.

They didn’t understand what was happening here, how could it be that so many people died, and what terrible person or thing was that could actually scare Young Master Bai Chen into peeing.

This is simply incredible.

But something even more incredible happened.

When Old Bai stared straight at the faces of the heads on the ground.

He got frightened and said:

“Bai Wen! Bai Wu! Bai San… Oh my god, how could this happen, these dead people turned out to be the white angels?”


Three groups of white angels?

Hearing this, every guest is almost scared to pee.

They had heard with their own ears just now how terrible white angels are?

That means!

Among the fourteen heads on the ground in front, there are two quasi-grandmasters and twelve grandmasters?

What is this?

Every guest felt a creepy illusion at this moment. They all looked at Shaun who was standing in the field. Their expressions were full of panic and disbelief.

Could it be that he had killed all of them?

At the same time!

In the backyard, when all Bai family members and guests all went to the front yard.

Baishan’s family remained motionless, they looked like clay sculptures, completely frozen in place.


Although Elvira thought, she couldn’t wait to see how Shaun was doing, but she didn’t dare!

She was afraid to see Shaun’s body!

“Parents! What should we do? What if something has happened to Shaun?”

Tears, like beads from a broken thread, fell from Elvira’s eye.

At this moment, she was extremely sad.

And looking at their daughter, Baishan and Paula, their hearts are as painful as a knife.

“Shaun, he must be fine, surely!”

“Yeah, Shaun is a nobleman, and he can turn bad luck every time. He will definitely be fine!”

The voices of Baishan and Paula were shaking.

Although they kept comforting Elvira, saying that Shaun will be okay, the eyes of the husband and wife were already red.

Can only wipe away tears silently.

And they want to see Shaun but didn’t dare to go.

Zhang Tianyi and his disciple showed a wry smile:

“Miss Elvira, don’t worry! Mr. Lin will be fine! He must be waiting for us now! Let’s go!”

Zhang Tianyi almost called Shaun ‘Master’ again!


Elvira, Baishan, and Paula were immersed in their worries, and they didn’t hear anything at all.

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