Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 970

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Chapter 970


And at this moment.

Everyone saw again that the forest seat at the front of the crowd had already helped the two commanders Dragon and Tiger to stand up.

“Little Dragon! Little Tiger! Long time no see!”

With his back facing everyone, Shaun looked at the two iron tower-like men in front of him at the moment. The smiles at the corners of his mouth were extremely gentle.

Dragon, Tiger!

These two people were his brothers in his blood prison, and they were also the most powerful subordinates he has cultivated.

Before Shaun left the Blood Prison, he arranged for the two of them to join the Huaxia Army, and eventually became the God of the Two Great Wars by virtue of their timeless feats.

Looking at Shaun.

The blood dragon and blood tiger seemed to have returned to the blood prison of that year.

They followed the king, swept the world, invincible.

Shaun saved their lives!

Their strength was also given by Shaun!


Blood Dragon and Blood Tiger looked at Shaun, hot tears dripped from their eyes.

For countless nights, they all wished to go back to the Caribbean, back to this man.

And now!

See him finally!

“Let’s go!”

Shaun smiled slightly, and immediately took the Dragon and Tiger and walked out of the airport lobby.

In the blink of an eye, everyone in the group got into Rolls Royce one after another.

When the densely packed Rolls Royce and military vehicles disappeared, Elvira and others in the airport lobby could not recover for a long time.

And in the car!

When Shaun and two commanders sat.

The blood dragon said directly:

“Mr. Lin! The incident has been investigated! The people who wounded the old man Shen were the two brothers of the Yang family!”

“Boss Yang Mingyu, and second one is Yang Mingpeng! The main person is the boss Yang Mingyu!”

That’s it!

A sharp look flashed across the blood dragon’s eyes:

“According to the investigation, the boss Yang Mingyu saw President Elvira’s interview video on an occasional opportunity, and he kept thinking about it. He even talked to people around him several times about how to get President Elvira!”

“Later, Yang Mingyu investigated that the Shen family cooperating with their group was Elvira’s grandfather family. This made Taigong Shen come to Jiangnan to talk about cooperation in the name, hurt him, and even let out rhetoric. President Yi brought ten million yuan personally and came to redeem!”


A drunkard doesn’t mean wine!

In Elvira!

After hearing this.

The blood tiger next to him was furious:

“Mr. Lin! In addition, we have also investigated that this Yang Mingyu had already made enough preparations! Even if President Elvira paid a ransom of 10 million, he would never let anyone go!”

“His ultimate goal is to retain President Elvira and made her his woman!”

“He is calling for his death!”


The words were extremely harsh.

There was a strong killing intent on the body of the two commanding dragons and tiger.

When Shaun heard this, his eyes narrowed slightly:

“What is the position of the Yang family in Jiangnan?”

“Mr. Lin, the Yang family in Jiangnan City belongs to a first-class power! The Hetian family and others are almost the same! This is also the reason for their arrogance!” The blood dragon quickly replied.


Shaun smiled upon hearing this.

His smile is so cold and gloomy:

“Yes! A first-rate family in the small Jiangnan Province, who dares to beat my wife’s idea, is really good!”

That’s it!

Shaun looked straight out the window, his voice was cold and merciless:

“Go! Go to Yang’s house and take the first level!”

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