Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 981

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Chapter 981


His head fell to the ground.

When he died, Yang Mingyu’s eyes were still wide open, and there were endless regret and panic in his eyes.


A plutocracy in Jiangnan City is so rich, just like a little chicken, who is instantly stunned by Long Shuai.

This is more than that.

The second commanders’ Dragon and Tiger, glanced at Yang Tianhao and others at this moment, a trace of hideousness and brutality appeared at the corners of their mouth:

“We have to say, your Yang family is out of luck!”


Hearing the words of the two Gods of War, looking at the head of Yang Mingyu, which looked like a rotten watermelon on the ground, Patriarch Yang Tianhao and all the Yang family members suddenly felt horror, and went straight to the forehead along the sole of their feet, causing their scalp to burst.

The second commanders of Dragon and Tiger were too lazy to take a look at the Yang family. Under their wave, they took hundreds of Dragon and Tiger sergeants and walked out of the Yang family’s gate.

When the sound of the engine’s humming, gradually disappeared.

All Yang’s family seemed to be drained of all their strength.



One by one they fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

Only then did they realize that their backs were completely wet with cold sweat.

This feeling is as if they had just walked through a ghost house.

“Home… Patriarch! Sorry!”

Yang Hua looked at Yang Tianhao at this moment, and his expression was full of pity.

Losing a child in old age is definitely the saddest thing in life.

This sentence, as if stepping on the tail of Patriarch Yang Tianhao, made him suddenly collapse:

“I’m so sad! Yang Mingyu, a little beast has killed young master, and almost dragged our Yang family into the abyss, beyond the end! He died well! There is more to death!!!”

Yang Tianhao’s eyes were splitting.

Just now, he was frightened to death.

He looked at his eldest son’s head, there was not the slightest sadness in his heart, but more of a kind of rejoicing.

“Come here, take this little beast’s head and body out and bury it!”

“From today, we will never have Yang Mingyu in the Yang family!”

Yang Tianhao’s words were ruthless.

It’s just that the Yang family around agreed.

After all!

The person Yang Mingyu offended was Shan Lin!

This is like an ant has provoked a giant dragon. The ant nest of their Yang family can be preserved. It is the kindness of Shan Lin. It is a blessing in misfortune.


A few bodyguards walked quickly and took away Yang Mingyu’s body.

The atmosphere in the courtyard of the Yang family once again fell into a boundless silence and depression.

“Everyone, what shall we do next?” Yang Tianhao’s eyes swept over the people present there.

All their faces are ashamed.

Offended Shan Lin!

What else can their Yang family do!

Even if Shan Lin didn’t take action against them, the Dragon and Tiger God of War, No. 1 Liu Zhen, and the eight chaebols would never let them go.

All of the Yang family members, as if they have seen the end of their family, made their faces ashamed.

No one said a word at all.

When this repressive atmosphere made everyone almost collapsed.

Yang Hua hesitated to speak first.

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