Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 982

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Chapter 982

“Patriarch, I think the most important thing now is to eliminate Shan Lin’s anger and dissatisfaction! Only in this way, our Yang family may still have a glimmer of life! Otherwise, it will only be the two commanders of the dragon and the tiger, as well as the number one Liu Zhen and the eight chaebols. They will make our Yang family never stand up!”


As soon as these words came out, Patriarch Yang Tianhao’s eyes lit up:

“Yang Hua, keep talking!”

At this moment, Yang Hua has become the backbone of everyone.

Feeling everyone’s expectation, Yang Hua pondered for a moment and said:

“All of us, we must go to the hospital together, first, to plead guilty to Grandpa Shen, and second, to surrender to Miss Elvira!”

“At all costs, get forgiveness from Miss Elvira!!!”

At the same time!

He has already handled the Yang family’s affairs.

And now!

Shan Lin is alone and is going to the hospital to meet with the Baishan family.

Jiangnan People’s Hospital, in ward number 302.

The Baishan family and Chang Yuan have entered the ward.

Taigong Shen was lying on the hospital bed, his face was pale, and his whole body was extremely weak.

After he saw the Baishan family enter the door, his mouth squirmed, as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say a word.


When Paula saw Taigong Shen’s appearance, she cried suddenly.

And Elvira, who was next to her, hurried to the bed of Taigong Shen, tears like rain fell from her eyes:

“Grandpa! How are you?”

Although this old man was extremely mean to her and Shaun.

But he is her grandfather after all.

How can we give up blood family affection?

Seeing this scene.

Uncle Jian beside the hospital bed sighed:

“Elvira, your grandfather’s ribs are broken! The calf bone is also broken!”

After saying this.

Jian’s complexion was full of deep bitterness.

Their Shen family can be regarded as a wealthy family in Jiangshi.

But in this place in Jiangnan, it is like an ant, which is trampled on by people, but unable to fight back.

And cousin Shen Jie, with the same gloomy expression, gritted his teeth with hatred:

“That Yang brothers are so deceiving! How someone can imagine that they had beaten an old man!”

“Hateful, I’m not capable otherwise, I must make the Yang brothers pay the price!”

Young brothers?

Hearing these words, Chang Yuan was slightly taken aback.

In his cognition, among the second-rate and third-rate families in Jiangnan City, there seem to be no well-known Yang brothers.

As for the first-class family, Chang Yuan ignored them.

After all, it has reached the power of the chaebol, and he is not a small Changyuan who can contact.

How could the first-class chaebol forces look at the small business of the Shen family in Shangjiang City, let alone invite Taigong Shen to discuss cooperation, this is simply impossible.

Thinking of this.

Chang Yuan subconsciously thought that the one who injured Taigong Shen must be a small character who was not even considered a third-rate player.

Right now, he patted his chest and said:

“Don’t worry, everyone, this matter is covered by me!”

“Whoever had hurt the old man, I will make him pay a painful price!”


Hearing this, Jian and his son noticed Chang Yuan, and they both asked curiously:

“Elvira, Who is this?”

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