Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 983

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Chapter 983

“Uncle! Cousin! This is my senior Chang Yuan, the founder of Chang’s Group in Jiangnan City, and one of the top ten young entrepreneurs in Jiangnan!” Elvira was quickly introduced to Jian and his son.

And hearing this!

Chang Yuan is not only a native of Jiangnan City, but also seems to be very capable.

Both Jian and his son became enthusiastic:

“Mr. Chang, do you really have a way to help us out? As far as we know, the Yang brothers have a good status in Jiangnan!”

“Yes, Brother Chang, will this cause you trouble?”

Jian and his son asked excitedly and nervously.

After feeling everyone’s expectant eyes, especially Elvira’s expectant look, Chang Yuan’s self-confidence suddenly swelled.

He grinned, and said confidently:

“Don’t worry, in Jiangnan, there is no such a problem that I can’t solve, and there are no people whom I can’t handle!”

“I know almost all of the young masters in Jiangnan City! You guys…”

Chang Yuan is about to continue to brag about his abilities.

But at this moment.


The door of the ward kicked open.


A group of people broke in.

This scene changed the complexion of everyone in the ward.

They saw that these people who had broken in were majestic and fierce, all holding baseball bats in their hands, and they were agitated.

This is more than that.

Da da da!

As the crowd parted a road, a young man walked over slowly.

“It’s him!!!”

After seeing this young man, Jian his son, and Taigong Shen on the hospital bed, their bodies trembled with fear, and their faces were instantly full of fear.

“Mr. Chang, this young man, and his brother had hurt the old man!”


Hearing this.

Chang Yuan’s expression changed. He turned his head and stared at the young man who came in, only to find that he had never seen him.

“You hurt the old man? You are so bold!”


The second youngest, Yang Mingpeng, was slightly startled. He didn’t expect that he would be questioned when he is here to find someone.

“I hurt, so What?”

Chang Yuan glanced at Yang Mingpeng with disdain, as if looking at an idiot:

“Boy, let me tell you, now you kneel down and apologize to the old man. Then I will let you go!”

“Otherwise, don’t say you’re a bastard, even if it’s the little Yang family behind you, I can make it impossible for you to go out of this hospital!”


The little Yang family?

Yang Mingpeng was confused by Chang Yuan’s words.

He didn’t know whether this guy in front of him had the courage to say that the Yang family was a little family. He is simply looking at death!


Almost without a word, Yang Mingpeng slapped Chang Yuan’s face fiercely.

Ding-Ding Ding.

When he stabilized his figure, he immediately felt a burning pain on his face.

“You…you dared to hit me?”

Chang Yuan was stunned.

In his eyes, Yang Mingpeng was just a gangster.

The founder of the dignified Chang Group and the top ten young entrepreneurs in Jiangnan, was actually beaten by a gangster?

This is it.

“Boy, you are done! You are such a bastard, you dare to hit me, do you know who I am?”

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