Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 991

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Chapter 991


Ten slaps!

After hearing these words from Yang Mingpeng, Yang Tianhao and others looked at the corner of the ward.

After seeing Shaun’s smile.


Yang Tianhao and the others all trembled.

“Ming…Mingpeng! You said he was a hillbilly?”

“You say that he is an idiot?”

Yang Tianhao turned his head to look at his son.

There is a sense of sorrow.


Yang Mingpeng faintly felt that his father’s tone was a bit wrong, but he didn’t think too much, but nodded and said:

“Yes! Dad, this guy is violent and crazy!”

“You are here just at the right time, punish him for me! I will smash his face, take the woman from him and give her to the eldest brother!”

Yang Mingpeng’s words were filled with deep pleasure.

He just said this sentence.


A loud slap hit his face, and he staggered and almost fell to the ground.


At this moment, there was dead silence in the entire ward.

Whether it was Yang Mingpeng, Elvira, or others, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Yang Mingpeng got hit?

Especially he was beaten by his father, how is this possible?

“Dad! You… are you crazy, why are you hitting me? The person you should hit is that beast, Shaun! ” After Yang Mingpeng reacted from his astonishment, he covered his cheeks and stared with round eyes. He is not believing it at all.

However, he has not finished saying this sentence.


Yang Tianhao slapped again his face fiercely.

“Your mouth is not clean!”


“You are arrogant and domineering!”


At this moment, in the incredible eyes of everyone, Yang Tianhao seemed to be crazy, and he grabbed Yang Mingpeng’s collar, slapped one after another, like a crazy man.


He slapped him in the face like raindrops, all fell on Yang Mingpeng’s cheek.

Suddenly, Yang Mingpeng’s bloody face turned miserable.

Almost completely beaten into a pig’s head.

Seeing this scene!

Everyone got dumbfounded.

Shaun’s words emerged involuntarily in everyone’s mind.

“Your dad will slap you ten times, I said!”

At that time, after hearing this, almost everyone thought that Shaun was simply an idiot, a lunatic.

But that crazy talk turned out to be true, which is simply incredible.

After everyone saw that after ten tidy slaps, Yang Tianhao gave up.

Huh huh!

Elvira, Jian, Chang Yuan, and the others all looked at Shaun with surprise and shock in their expressions.

“How could this happen! This…Is this guy a magician?”

Chang Yuan’s head buzzed.

He just felt that his brain was completely out of order.

More than him!

Elvira was even more astonished and covered her small mouth. She looked at Shaun as if she was looking at a devil.


Shocking stuff has just begun.

After Yang Tianhao finished beating Yang Mingpeng, he threw his second son on the ground as if throwing garbage.

Then he tidied his clothes.

With all the Yang family seniors, walked in front of Elvira.




Yang Tianhao with the Yang family members knelt in front of Elvira, shouting loudly.

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