Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 992

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Chapter 992

“Miss Elvira, kindly forgive us!!!”

Hearing this sentence, they looked at the Yang family members who were inside the ward to the high-level Yang family on the corridor.

Everyone felt like they were dreaming.

Can’t believe the scene.


Yang Tianhao, a frontline boss knelt his head to apologize, which is simply unbelievable.

But this is more than that.

Yang Tianhao continued with shame:

“This dog has done a lot of evils. So can only apologize to Miss Elvira!”

That’s it!


With Yang Tianhao as the leader, dozens of high-ranking Yang family leaders, one by one, knelt to the ground.

The sound of heads knocking on the floor resounded continuously inside and outside the ward.

It was more like a burst of thunder, blasting on the hearts of Elvira and others, making the astonishment and shock on their faces more intense.


All the Yang family members, turned their knees, facing Taigong Shen on the bed, and continued:

“We know we have hurt the old man!”

“We Yang family, apologize to you!”


Hearing this, Taigong Shen above the hospital bed shivered suddenly.

Not only Taigong Shen, but everyone clearly saw that Yang Tianhao and others apologized to Elvira.

When they knelt for apologies, everyone found that Yang Tianhao and the high-level Yang family had blood stains on their foreheads.

Looks embarrassed and miserable.


At this moment, Chang Yuan was even more like seeing a ghost. He kept rubbing his eyes, after confirming that the person in front of him was really Yang Tianhao and the one who knocked his head was really Yang Tianhao.

In his heart, there was a shocking wave.

“Oh my god, Yang Tianhao knocked his head to apologize, this is definitely big news that can make a sensation in Jiangnan!”

“Unbelievable! It’s unbelievable. What is it that made a big man like Yang Tianhao come and apologize in person?”

Chang Yuan was shocked in his heart, but his mind was constantly spinning.

And when he thought of the Tian family prince who had promised him, his eyes suddenly lit up:

“Could it be that the prince came forward! Even the Yang clan was so scared that they had to come to plead?”

“It must be that! Otherwise, Yang Tianhao and the others will have no reason to apologize!”

Chang Yuan was convinced of this.

Instant ecstasy to the extreme.

He didn’t expect that the crown prince was so powerful, for his own sake, he actually forced the Yang family into this way, this is too much.

Just now!

Everyone didn’t know about Chang Yuan’s thoughts at all. Elvira and everyone else was completely shocked by this scene.

After Yang Tianhao and others bowed their heads to apologize, they didn’t get up at all, but said to Elvira:

“President Elvira, for the shock and distress caused to you this time, our Yang family will never redeem it!”

“Therefore, we are going to transfer the most famous landmark under the Yang family, the Galaxy Tower, to you free of charge, as an indemnity!”

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