Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 993

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Chapter 993


Yang Tianhao’s words are even more like a stone, thrown into the lake.

Let everyone lose their color in horror.

The Yang family started with real estate, and their proudest deed was the creation of the Galaxy Tower.

It is not only a landmark in Jiangnan City, but also famous throughout Jiangnan Province.

The valuation of Galaxy Tower has reached tens of billions.

And now!

Everyone couldn’t believe that, in order to apologize, Yang Tianhao actually transferred the Star River Mansion, the main asset of the Yang family, for free. This is crazy.

Even Chang Yuan was stunned by Yang Tianhao’s generosity.

He couldn’t imagine that the Yang family apologized and gave tens of billions!

This is simply too embarrassing!

“Yang… Patriarch Yang, is there any misunderstanding! She was frightened, it was nothing at all!”

“You apologize, I really can’t afford it!”

Elvira’s face was pale with fright, full of panic, and declined the offer:

“This matter, just forget it! I will not accept your Galaxy Building, I can’t dare to accept it!”


Hearing that Elvira refused.

Yang Tianhao and the others were slightly startled, and then they seemed to have thought of something, each of them suddenly turned pale with fright, and quickly continued:

“Miss Elvira, you must accept it! We are sincere and want to use the Galaxy Tower as an apology gift!”

“Miss Elvira you must accept it. If you accept the Galaxy Tower, you will forgive our Yang family and save our Yang family!”


Hearing Yang Tianhao’s words, everyone suspected that they had auditory hallucinations.

Taking the tens of billions worth Galaxy Tower will save the Yang family?

This…what’s the point?

More than just being puzzled by everyone.

At this moment, Yang Mingpeng, who had been beaten up, was sober, hearing his father’s words, and looking at his father and others, kneeling on the ground, begging Elvira to accept the Galaxy Tower.

He seemed to be struck by lightning:

“Dad! Are you crazy?”

“You actually kneel to Elvira, you are the patriarch of our Yang family, how can you do such a thing!”

“Also, the Galaxy Tower is our Yang family’s most valuable asset. How can you give it to people this way, you are crazy! You are all crazy!”

At this moment, the second young master Yang Mingpeng’s view subverted.

He couldn’t believe it at all.

Even if his father has beaten him, it was just a bit of flesh and blood.

But now!

As the patriarch of the Yang family, he knelt down to apology from a woman, and now begging her to accept his family’s most valuable assets!

Yang Tianhao didn’t seem to hear his son’s words at all.

With panic on his face, he cried in front of Elvira:

“Miss Elvira, I beg you? Accept the Galaxy Tower, I don’t want to destroy my Yang family!”


Yang Tianhao said more seriously.

Everyone got even more confused, and couldn’t figure out whether Elvira would accept the Galaxy Tower, and whether their Yang family will exterminate, what does this have to do with it!

“Mr. Yang, get up, don’t do this!”

Elvira was at a loss, she was completely lost.

Especially, after seeing Yang Tianhao crying bitterly as if she would not accept the Galaxy Tower, and the miserable appearance that the Yang family would really be annihilated, she could only grit her teeth and said bitterly:

“Okay! Mr. Yang, I just accept it! Get up Suddenly!”

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