Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1051

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Chapter 1051

He didn’t regret it until Irene easily removed her hand and bit his lip.

His enchanting eagle pupils were bigger than Tongling, he was—were kissed by Irene?

What frightened him the most was that he obviously had the ability to resist, but he was willing to fall into her gentleness.

The lips and teeth are interdependent, lingering.

“Brother Jue!” Irene suddenly let out a cry.

Jacob’s whole body was soaked in ice current, suddenly pushing her away.

A sense of humiliation being teased hits the limbs.

It turns out that this woman, who has shown such passionate and affectionate love to him for so long, is all fake.

She had another man in her heart.

Brother Jie?

Media Asia founder Jacob?

Is it him?

Jacob didn’t even realize that he was jealous of himself.

He staggered to his feet and ran towards the gate.

He hired a taxi and rushed to Media Asia Medical Department.

In Huzi’s ward, Qiulian lay on the bed and fell asleep.

Jacob looked at the sleeping mother and son, he was deeply disgusted with her in his heart. Obviously he was a man with a family, and his son was still lying in the hospital, but he couldn’t help but Irene’s temptation to run to some ghost banquet, and almost happened to her-something indescribable.


This kind of error must never happen again.

He walked over and yelled softly, “Qiulian, go home and rest.”

Qiulian woke up with sleepy eyes and smiled at Jacob.

“Husband, you are very hard at work, so go back and rest.” Qiulian said.

Huzi opened his eyes and grasped Qiulian’s hand tightly, begging: “I want Mommy to accompany me.”

Jacob’s eyes filled with self-blame, he was really a failed father.

In recent years, there has been very little care for Huzi, which has made the child particularly alienated from him.

Jacob gently touched Huzi’s face, “Tomorrow Daddy will make you a good meal.”

“Yeah.” Hu Zi nodded.

Jacob left Media Asia Hospital.

It was 11:30 in the evening when he returned to Wei’an Garden. When Jacob took the elevator to the seventh floor, the elevator door opened, waiting outside for a man in his thirties, with a sloppy beard and a messy chicken coop. curls. There was a strong smell of smoke all over the body.

Jacob frowned in disgust. Strode away.

When he walked to the door, he found a cigarette butt lying across the ground. Jacob’s face suddenly sank, his eyes shot sharply at the elevator door, but he saw that the man was also looking at him.

With eyes facing each other, flames burst, and Jacob saw an evil light flashing through the man’s eyes.

Jacob’s eagle pupil instantly froze and stared at him with the air of a king, the man slightly condensed. Quickly close the elevator and leave.

Jacob pulled out the paper towel, picked up the cigarette butt on the ground, and sniffed the nausea. The inferior cigarette made him frown.

The smell of smoke is exactly the same as the smell of the man just now?

So that man came to see Qiulian?

That night, Jacob could not sleep.

For a while, it was the man who wandered in front of his house, and for a while, Irene’s affectionate cry: Brother Jie!

The former inexplicably made him a touch of anger, and the latter inexplicably made him feel sour. Two emotions clamored in the body, making him just want to set himself on fire.

Early the next morning, Jacob got up early.

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