Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1061

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Chapter 1061

There are pink bubbles floating in the air.

All employees looked at Jacob and Irene in surprise.

Realizing that his emotional management was out of control, Jacob returned to his usual iceberg face, came to Huzi, and accompanied him to pile Lego.

Irene remembered Irene’s words and approaching him would arouse his disgust. But without getting close to him, there is no chance at all.

Annoyed, she scratched her head and walked over cheeky.

Jacob taught Huzi to pile Lego, how high he piled it, Huzi would push him down with joy.

At last Jacob became a little angry, “Daddy teaches you to make Lego, not to make you mischievous.”

Huzi didn’t k!ss him at first, so he cried loudly. Then crying to find her mother.

Jacob grabbed his hair tiredly.

In the past few days, he was with Huzi in the hospital. No matter how hard he was, Huzi didn’t seem to feel good about him. Repel him very much.

Irene hugged the tiger, “Don’t cry, tiger, let’s play the bubble machine.”

With the new toy distracting, Huzi quickly stopped crying.

But after playing for a while, he started crying again, looking for his mother.

Jacob picked him up with a black face, “Well, Dad will take you to find Mommy.”

Then he left the house and the guests went downstairs.

Wei’an Garden is a super market with thousands of acres.

The greening of the community has the style of a traditional garden. The roads are lined with lush trees, rockery fountains are hidden in dense bushes, and road squares are fragmented and scattered in the green forest.

Jacob didn’t even know where the vegetable market in the community was, so he could only rush aimlessly.

He is withdrawn and likes places with few people, so he chose a winding path in the bamboo forest.

However, when he walked to the hinterland, he suddenly heard an unbearable sound from the woodland. When Jacob turned his head and walked back, Huzi cried out, “I want my mother.”

The voice in the woodland stopped abruptly, but Qiulian called for help, “Husband, help me.”

Jacob’s face changed transiently. He put down the tiger and ran into the dense jungle, only to see a man fleeing hurriedly holding his clothes.

When he was about to chase out, he suddenly smelled a familiar smell of smoke in the air.

Suddenly, an unknown fire burst into his heart.

He turned his back and scolded Qiulian coldly: “Put your clothes on.”

Qiulian got dressed, reached out to hold his arm for a sense of security, unexpectedly Jacob dodged quickly.

Qiulian saw the deep disgust in his eyes.

“Husband, do you dislike me for being unclean?” she asked tremblingly.

Jacob’s voice didn’t have any temperature, “Yes.”

Qiulian staggered, crying and crying, “Do you think I am willing to do something like this? Not only do you have no sympathy for me, but you also dislike me? But I am also a victim?”

Jacob’s gaze was like a boneless knife and threw it at her, “I finally know that there are two types of women, one is looking cowardly, innocent, gentle and kind, but living in his heart is a wicked demon. The other looks hideous. , But my heart is kind. And you belong to the former.”

Qiulian shrank in fright, “What do you mean?”

Jacob gritted his teeth, “I’m so disappointed in you.”

Then turned and left.

Qiulian hugged the tiger to catch up, “Husband, even if you think I’m not clean, you shouldn’t leave our son alone?”

She deliberately emphasized the words “our son”.

Jacob’s footsteps were slightly stagnant, Irene’s joke sounded in his ears, and the corners of his lips curled into a self-deprecating sneer.

Huzi, isn’t it his son?

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