Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 874

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Chapter 874

When Shaun heard this, his expression changed.

He knew the doctor in front of him.

This person is the emergency doctor who helped to cure Paula before.

Shaun quickly asked:

“What is the matter?”

“Dong Lin, today at the entrance of our hospital, there was a young man who kept calling for the genius doctor Lin! But was stopped by our security guards. After that, the people went wild and challenged, claiming that we are liars! Some doctors were not angry and went out. Accepted the challenge!” When the doctor said this, a look of seeing a ghost suddenly appeared on his face, and he quickly continued:

“But I never thought that the young man’s Chinese medicine skills are too powerful!”

“First, surgeon Dr. Xu lost, then Director Zhang, Director Liu, etc. went out one after another, but they all lost the challenge!”

“Our Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital is now a joke!”


When Shaun heard this, his expression instantly changed.

He knows that every doctor at the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital is an expert in medical skills and that the young man’s ability to defeat several doctors in succession is extraordinary.

“How about Elder Gao and Mike?” Shaun asked with a gloomy face.

“Now Elder Gao has done it himself!” the doctor continued, but his face was ugly to the extreme:

“However, the young man’s medical skills exceeded our expectations! The situation of the old man is not good, I am afraid it will not last long!”

Gao Lao lost?

Hearing this, Shaun felt that the young man was not just an ordinary man, and immediately said:

“Let’s go!”

Shaun locked the door and hurried away in the direction of Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital with the doctor.

At the same time!

Baishan and Paula, who went out for a walk, also stopped.

“Old sir, what have you been stopping us for?” Baishan looked at the old man in sackcloth, his face flushed with helplessness.

Soon after going out today, they met this old man in Mai.

What makes Baishan helpless is.

After seeing Baishan and Paula, the old man seemed to have found a baby and followed them all the time.

After walking down some distances, the old man still refused to leave, and even stopped directly in front of them.

The old man Mai looks more than eighty years old.

His hair was gray and his face was wrinkled, but his eyes were piercing as if he could see through everything.

His eyes kept looking at Baishan and Paula, in the end, he said:

“Gentleman, I want to ask, what kind of medicine do you usually take?”

“You must be in your fifties, but with great energy, why do you look like a man in your thirties?”


As soon as the old man’s words came out, Baishan froze.

Is the spirit godlike a man in his thirties?

Baishan frowned and said curiously:

“Old man, I don’t understand the meaning of your words! I am fifty-five this year, and I don’t usually take any drugs. How do you say that I am in my thirties?”

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