Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1152

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Chapter 1152

Tan Xiaoyu smiled sweetly. “The apple is good, Sister Irene said, “Apple means peace in every year!”

Irene said silently while peeling the apple: “Don’t listen to Irene everything. She is full of pretending to be love and brain flowers. She may not be much smarter than you.”

He said again: “Besides, you are the sister-in-law, she is the younger sister. I can’t control her, you have to help me control her, you take out the prestige of the sister-in-law, when she makes a mistake, you will teach her severely. She will listen. Yours, but she won’t listen to me.”

Tan Xiaoyu said: “How can Sister Irene make mistakes? She is so kind, so tolerant to bad people, and unconditionally paying for people around her. Why am I willing to scold her?”

Irene was startled slightly, and pulled the apple out of her mouth, and said, “Are you marrying me or her? I have been with you for so long, and I haven’t seen you admire me so much.”

Tan Xiaoyu smiled and said: “Irene, sister Irene asked us to divorce. Did she mention this to you?”

Irene stood up in shock, and seeing Tan Xiaoyu smiled happily, Irene felt like he had made a fuss.

But he heard it right. Irene forced him to divorce Xiaoyu. This was a big deal.

“Why did she do this? Isn’t her so many single dog marriages enough for her to worry about? Why does she worry about us married people?”

The more Irene thought about it, the more he couldn’t taste it. “This girl, worrying about so many things, it’s no wonder that she will suffer from anxiety.”

Irene was afraid that Irene’s proposal would hurt Xiaoyu’s heart, and raised her hand to swear to Xiaoyu, “Xiaoyu, don’t worry, I Irene is by no means the one who will always be the one who left the chaos. I promised to take care of you for the rest of my life. .”

Tan Xiaoyu nodded, “I believe you will take care of me forever. Whether I am your wife or not.”

Irene shook his head like a rattle, “You are not my wife, so I won’t take care of you. I only take care of my family. I can eat and support, what do I take care of outsiders.”

Tan Xiaoyu smiled without saying a word.

Irene squinted Yingtong, “Irene forced you to divorce me, you seem to be very happy. Tan Xiaoyu, what do you…mean? Are you dissatisfied with me when you are together? Wanna divorce me? “

Tan Xiaoyu was moved and said, “Zhengzheng, you obviously like phoenix fairy, why did you want to marry me when you kept it from me?”

Irene said: “She loves me once, and I give her a kidney. At least two don’t owe it. But I owe you a kidney, I owe you…”

“So you marry me, you want to give me a home, don’t you?”

Irene nodded embarrassedly. “Xiaoyu, maybe I did not do very well, but I did my best to do it.”

Tan Xiaoyu said: “You are stupid.”

Irene: “…”

Tan Xiaoyu said again: “Do you know? Younger sister Irene asked me to return my love to you and give you freedom…”

Irene exclaimed excitedly, “What she said, you can just listen to it. Don’t take it seriously. She and Janice are the same. If there were no Jacob and me in this world, they would definitely get together.”

Tan Xiaoyu covered Irene’s mouth and said, “Zhengzheng, listen to me and finish talking. Sister Irene said, there is no love between us, and Janice loves you so much, you love her, and I will return love to you. I also feel relieved. I feel more comfortable.”

“And my wish has always been to want a warm home. Sister Irene said, she went to her grandfather to propose that I be the daughter of the Yan family, and I will be your eldest sister in the future. You all have to listen to me.”

After Tan Xiaoyu finished speaking, she let go of her hand covering Irene’s mouth.

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