Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1153

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Chapter 1153

Irene opened his mouth slightly in shock, “f*ck, Lingbao’s brain circuit is really extraordinary. Why didn’t I think of it in the first place?”

Tan Xiaoyu smiled and joked, “If you can think of this best of both worlds earlier, you and Janice’s children can make soy sauce.”

Irene looked at Tan Xiaoyu, “You…really don’t feel wronged?”

Tan Xiaoyu shook his head. “It’s too late for me to be happy.”

Irene’s face suddenly darkened: “Hey, why do I think I am so failed.”

Glancing at Tan Xiaoyu, he said unwillingly: “I am so uncharmed? You have no nostalgia for me?”

Tan Xiaoyu said: “If you have no charm, how can you fascinate Janice. Zhengzheng, I also like you, but my love is far from Janice’s strong point. I don’t want to delay your beautiful marriage. That will let you I feel guilty.”

Tears flickered, Irene held Tan Xiaoyu’s hand tightly in his palm, “Thank you, Xiaoyu. Meeting you is the greatest luck of my life.”

Tan Xiaoyu patted his head tenderly like a confidant sister, “Go, chase Janice back.”

Irene said awe-inspiringly, “We haven’t gotten divorced yet? This kind of behavior of stepping on two boats with one foot is not something a good man like me can do.”

Tan Xiaoyu laughed and said, “I’m starting to talk again. You are not afraid of Janice running away with others.”

Irene said insincerely: “Who is rare for her kind of big breasts and brainless women!”

After finishing his mouth, Irene got upright, “Xiaoyu, when you finish the operation, I will take you back to Yan’s house to recognize your ancestors. Okay?”

Tan Xiaoyu smiled like a flower, “Yeah.”


Coming out of Xiaoyu’s ward, Irene returned to Irene’s ward.

At the door of the ward, when Guan Xiao was about to push the door and enter, Irene stepped forward and stretched out his hand from behind to cover Guan Xiao’s mouth, preparing to quietly take Guan Xiao away from Irene’s ward.

Unexpectedly, Guan Xiao fell over his shoulder and carried Irene to the ground.

Irene gritted his teeth with pain, “Guan Xiao, you…”

Guan Xiao saw Irene, angrily, “What are you doing for sneaking on me?”

Irene got up embarrassedly, and yelled: “My family Irene is seriously ill now, I don’t allow you to trouble her with the mess of Huanya. You love to chat about Huanya.”

Guan Xiao gazed at Irene gloomily, “Are you talking about human words? The reason why the president is sick is because Asia is in danger. If the crisis is not resolved, the president will not be relieved for a day, and then her illness It cannot be cured in one day.”

Irene said: “Fart. You know how to fool me. You think I don’t know, your life is given to you by Zhan Shao, and you are only loyal to Zhan Shao. Media Asia is Zhan Shao, and you are desperately protecting Media Asia, yes because you want to show your loyalty to Shao Zhan.”

Guan Xiao said sharply: “Yes, I have only followed the orders of President Zhan in my life. But do you know what the last order President Zhan gave me three years ago?”

Irene said: “Whatever it is, I don’t want to know. Anyway, none of you can disturb my sister’s rest today.”

Guan Xiao said: “Three years ago, President Zhan, the day before the accident, he personally asked us: From then on, President Yan is the new owner of our ghost members. We only need to be loyal to her for the rest of our lives.”

Irene was slightly shocked.

Guan Xiao choked and said: “Zhan Shao came back from this calamity. In fact, our ghost members really want to return to him, but we didn’t do this. Our ghosts are still loyal to President Yan, because this is our promise to him.”

“Obey his orders, this is our greatest respect for him.” Guan Xiao murmured.

Irene pushed the door open, his voice was a little low: “Stop talking nonsense, go in.”

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