Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1154

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Chapter 1154

Irene was half-lying on the hospital bed, her delicate face was a little haggard because of the torment of her illness.

Guan Xiao walked to Irene and said, “President, I have announced the news of your illness, and at the same time, I have moved the shareholders meeting to five days later.”

Irene thought for a while, and said weakly: “You have done a good job. In this way, for us and the enemy, chances and challenges coexist.”

Guan Xiao said solemnly: “We only have five days. President, your condition is so serious, I’m afraid…”

Irene raised her weak hand and said, “Although I am now weak in four limbs. Fortunately, my eyes are good, my brain is good. It is far from desperate. You find a way to find your President Zhan and tell him all the truth. Force him into place.”

Guan Xiao said with a solemn expression: “There is another news that I don’t know if it is good news or bad news.”

“Say it.”

Guan Xiao was puzzled: “Our Media Asia intranet was locked by anonymous hackers.”

Irene said suspiciously: “Oh? This happened?”

Guan Xiao said: “The purpose of this hacker doing this, I guess is either to prohibit us from using the intranet and hinder our business operations. Or to protect our intranet from being deciphered by enemy hackers.”

Irene wondered: “It’s not our own people, who will protect our intranet well?”

Irene fixedly looked at Guan Xiao, and she knew that every decision made by Guan Xiao had his basis. He is not a bullsh!t.

Guan Xiao continued: “I also heard a news that Bai’s intranet was completely paralyzed, and hackers planted a virus on their website. Bai’s has been unable to open the intranet for many days.”

Irene was confused, “Compared with Bai’s, hackers are kind to us. In this way, the hacker who invaded Media Asia may not be our enemy. Who would it be?”

“In the entire imperial capital, only Zhan Shao can have this capability. Could it be that he did it?” Guan Xiao speculated.

Irene thought for a while and shook her head, “He misunderstands me deeply at this moment, how can he help me?”

Then she said: “No matter what, I will find him first.”

“Yes.” Guan Xiao turned and left.

Imperial capital.

A luxurious international metropolis.

A modern city with historical culture and technological development.

Every bridge, every river, every building carries its own unique symbol.

Standing on the rainbow sky bridge, Jacob looked down on the canal, with a look of perplexity in his eyes.

Everything has its identity.

But he lost his identity.

How suddenly he wished he was a bridge. Always waiting in one place, never lose direction.

“Brother, do you want to buy a necklace? Buy this auspicious necklace for your sweetheart. She will definitely like it.”

Suddenly, a little girl walked up to Jacob carrying a basket of jade and jewels, and sold her goods to him vividly.

Jacob’s gaze fell on the auspicious necklace, and the eagle’s pupil shrank quickly. This necklace looks familiar.

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