Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1155

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Chapter 1155

In his mind, an inexplicable voice sounded, “Brother Jie, you have to take my hand tight and don’t lose me.”

“I want to make money to support my little daughter-in-law.”

Jacob’s head hurt again, he held his head and squatted on the ground.

The little girl gently put the auspicious necklace on his hand, and said: “Brother, the necklace is for you, I hope it will bring you good luck.”

“Thank you.” Jacob said in pain.

He grabbed his hair, his head seemed to burst.

The hustle and bustle of pedestrians shuttled around him, all kinds of noisy voices ringed in his ears endlessly.

“Film, film, mobile phone film!”

“Miss, do you stick the film?”

“President, your filming technique is good.” A cheerful voice came.

Jacob was shocked, how could there be such a strange sound in his mind.

How can anyone who is a president come to the flyover to stick a film?

The next voice completely defeated him.

“Grace, come home with me.”

“I have the conditions!”


“From now on, don’t bully me, don’t lie to me, and don’t put an iceberg face on me. I will always think that I am the most beautiful, and I will laugh when I think of it…”

“According to your!”

Jacob suddenly realized that these were all memories in his mind. It is the past that happened to him.


Sure enough, Grace?

The girl he once brought home was Grace, not Irene.

Why it came out like this?

Jacob swayed up from the ground, and the auspicious necklace the little girl gave him fell on the ground. Jacob picked it up, a grateful smile appeared in his eyes.

He wants to find those lost memories, and he wants to find himself completely.

The imperial capital is the biggest news breaking ground. The most experienced paparazzi in the imperial capital gather here, and the information they have collected about the upper class is also the most comprehensive and accurate.

Jacob came to the Imperial Capital Gouji with full of doubts.

When he first stepped into the studio, all the people inside had their jaws dropped.

Then came the whispering voices of employees.

“It’s Shao Zhan, the founder of Media Asia!” someone yelled out of silence.

“Why would he come to this place? He used to disdain this place the most.”

“Now he has amnesia.”

Jacob knew that he had come to the right place.

“I want to see your boss.” Jacob said lightly.

“Young Master Zhan, please here.” The receptionist took Jacob to the boss’s office.

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