Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1183

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Chapter 1183

Silvia broke her right leg and suddenly staggered to the ground. The intense pain distorted her face, and she looked at Jacob unwillingly.

The man who used to be violent and unforgiving is back.

The old lady looked at Silvia in horror, her whole body shaking like a sieve.

“Silvia, Silvia…”

Perhaps it was the daughter’s miserable condition that inspired her maternal love. She suddenly roared to Jacob and said, “Jacob, how can you treat her like this? You don’t even have to look at the monk’s face, but you still have to look at the Buddha face? I raised you for so many years. If you don’t want to retaliate, it’s fine, how can you hurt my daughter?”

Jacob’s ice spirit cast his stern eyes on the elder lady, pinch-like hands squeezed her throat, and roared: “You are not worthy to be a mother. You use me with amnesia to hurt my Irene, you will never die. The hate in my heart.”

The eldest lady looked at Jacob’s stern face, and suddenly realized.

From the moment she provoke Irene, she completely ruined their love between mother and child.

“Jacob, Irene is sick, go see her soon…” The lady was anxious, and this sudden kindness turned into a straw to save her.

Jacob threw away the eldest lady angrily, arranged her clothes, and then rolled away like a whirlwind.

The eldest lady frightened the five red finger prints on her neck. Just now, she felt that she was so close to death.

Jacob almost killed her.

At this moment, the doctor clearly recognized his position in Jacob’s mind: Compared with Irene, she really was nothing.

Silvia huddled up on the ground like a dog, her face barren and desperate.

The eldest lady hugged her up and kept comforting Silvia, “Silvia, don’t be afraid, mom will call a doctor. This is Bai’s hospital. They will definitely find a way to cure your leg.”

Silvia suddenly took the eldest lady’s hand and pleaded with tears: “Mom, you go to the elder, you have not yet divorced. You are still a husband and wife in law. The elder may think about the relationship between husband and wife and help Let’s go back.”

A look of astonishment floated on the old lady’s face, “Silvia, you have seen Jacob’s attitude by now. You asked your mother to ask Ting Ye to fight, you know, from the moment your mother betrayed Zhan Ting Ye , There is no husband and wife relationship between me and him, only endless hatred. If I go back, I will definitely die.”

Silvia cried and cried: “Mom, I know you love me the most. Even if it’s for me, you can try it? If you don’t go-what’s the point of my daughter being alive? Why don’t you just jump from here? Live and be humiliated by Irene.”

Silvia was forced to die, and the lady shed tears of sad regret, “I was wrong. Silvia, I was wrong.”

At this moment, the eldest lady deeply reflected that from the beginning, she shouldn’t indulge Silvia and give her too much invisible and intangible desire and love.

She tried her best to restore her daughter’s dignity, but in the end she found that her daughter had already lost her dignity.

There is only hatred in Silvia’s heart.

“Okay, okay, I will fulfill you. Silvia, this may be the last time my mother loves you. Mom will ask the elder, but you don’t have too much hope.” The old lady walked outside the door tremblingly.

When she walked to the door, the eldest lady suddenly looked back and handed Silvia a sad smile, “If your mother doesn’t come back, you will do it in the future.”

Silvia opened her pupils, and her whole body was hit by an electric current. There was a momentary shaking in her mind, but she opened her mouth and said nothing.

The eldest lady was disappointed and left.

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