Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1184

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Chapter 1184

Zhanjia Villa.

When the old lady first appeared at the door of the villa, she was intercepted by the porter. “Madam, the old man has something to say first, if you come back, you can’t open the door.”

The eldest lady grimaced, “What does he…he… mean? I haven’t divorced him yet?”

The concierge said, “Master said that he has submitted a divorce application to the court. In the future, your divorce procedures will be represented by professionals. You don’t need to see you again.

The lady burst into tears, took off the gold bracelet in her hand and stuffed it into the hand of the porter, begging: “Please, please go in and give a report, saying that I will see him no matter what. You tell him, we Even if a couple is divorced, they should get together and get together. I just want to see him for the last time.”

The concierge returned the gold bracelet to him, “Madam, take this back. Let me go and tell the master, I’m not sure whether the master will see you or not.”

The eldest lady was grateful, “Thank you.”

The concierge ran into the dafang villa and reported the situation of the lady to Zhan Tingye.

Zhan Tingye contemplated for a long time, and said in a vicissitudes of life: “She came, but she wanted to ask me. Go tell her and forgive me for nothing. Also, let her not appear in front of me in the future. I will never see her. “

When the concierge left, he brought Zhan Tingye’s original words to the old lady, who was heartbroken upon hearing the words.

“What an eternal life. Master, did I hurt you so deeply?”

The old lady left tremblingly.

When the old lady appeared in Silvia’s ward in despair, Silvia had already guessed: “He doesn’t agree, doesn’t he?”

The eldest lady said sadly: “He didn’t even agree to see me, Silvia, I divorced him.”

Silvia suddenly felt that the last little hope was crushed, and that delicate face suddenly withered like flowers.

“Then what do I do?”

“Dad can’t come back, who can I rely on in the future?”

The eldest lady said: “Silvia, wake up. Don’t have those unrealistic dreams. We are children born in poverty, and we must learn to be content with the status quo. Mom takes you away, we rent a room and find a job. Live a little life well.”

Silvia howled in despair, “No…I don’t want to live such a poor life.”

At this time, the nurse walked in with a stack of payment slips and threw it to Silvia, with a cold face, “This is the hospitalization, medical, and medicine expenses. Pay 10,000 yuan in advance.”

Silvia looked at the lady, the lady shook her head, “I have no money.”

Silvia roared in despair, “Why do I have a cowardly and incompetent mother like you?”

The eldest lady was a little petrified by Silvia’s reprimand.

“Silvia, how can you blame me?”

Silvia yelled out of control, “Isn’t it? You gave birth to me, but abandoned me and threw me to your sister. Do you know how I came here for so many years?”

“Cui Anru gave birth to a son, so he doesn’t take me seriously. I want to watch my words and flattering others. I like every ant to please everyone in the Yan family. I live without any dignity!”

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  1. Me encanta la historia, solo que los capítulos son cortos espero el capitulo 1185 ya quiero leer el final.


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