Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1185

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Chapter 1185

Silvia’s accusation escalated, “You pampered me and pampered me in the name of your mother. You know that I am jealous of Irene. I want to take Jacob from Irene’s hand. It’s impossible, but to show your maternal love, you Not only did you not stop me. You also helped me and made me indulge in the deep sea of desire. You even made me commit myself to fighting Tingye, how ridiculous your three views are…”

The old lady trembled, her face like dead wood for a time.

Silvia opened the bedding and limped out with her disabled leg.

The lady sat on the ground in despair.

When Silvia and the lady were in despair, there was another person who was more painful, more annoyed, and more desperate than them.

He is Jacob.

As long as he thinks of the little princess who grew up carefree in his palm, but because of his soft ears, he failed to trust her, causing her to have a tragic end with abnormal facial features and paralyzed body, Jacob would like to kill him. Yourself.

After he got out of Rihe Hospital, he went straight to the Calendar Garden like crazy.

But the calendar garden was empty, and there was no one in it. For some reason Jacob suddenly raised a touch of panic.

Calendar Garden is the home of him and Irene. In recent years, Irene has lived here, which shows that Irene still loves her.

If she leaves here, there is only one possibility: her heart is broken by him, and she is desperate to him to the extreme.

“Irene, I was wrong.” Jacob’s straight long legs knelt on the ground unexpectedly.

“Irene, are you going home, okay?” His Ying pupil turned scarlet, tears flooding at the bottom of his pupil.

It took a long time before he got up languidly, went to the underground garage, and drove out the Rolls Royce that had been silent for many years.

The car that has been silent for three years is spotlessly clean. It can be seen how well Irene took care of his things.

Jacob can always be moved to death by Irene’s small actions.

After stepping on the accelerator, Rolls-Royce was like a lion, madly racing along the road from the capital to Yancheng.

The car was driving too fast, running red lights all the way, and J tried to intercept the crazy car, but it was completely powerless.

When Rolls-Royce drove into the Yancheng Wutong Compound, it made a piercing roar that was endless.

Irene came out to open the door, and Rolls Royce drove directly into the cramped door frame of the Wutong compound like a tiger, almost smashing the gate of the Wutong compound.

Irene paled with fright, and her whole body was dumbfounded.

As soon as Rolls-Royce stopped, he saw Jacob kick the car door and walk out. Jun Yi’s body rushed into the lobby like a whirlwind.

Irene came back to his senses and ran over quickly, blocking Jacob outside the gate. Chong Jacob yelled: “Young Master Zhan, what are you doing here? Our Yan family doesn’t wait to see you, you…you…give me back.”

The people in the living room heard the noise outside and came out one after another.

Seeing Jacob, everyone was slightly startled.

The expression is very difficult to describe.

Irene said the voice of everyone, “You caused my sister so miserably. You are the number one public enemy of our Yan family. Why do you have a face?”

Jacob blacked his face and said angrily: “Get out of the way. I want to see Irene.”

Irene bared his teeth and said: “You don’t understand human words, do you? I said my family doesn’t want to see you. She hates you now.”

Jacob glared at Irene angrily, “Go ask her, how can she forgive me? I rely on her.”

Irene said: Go go, if she can talk, she doesn’t need me to push you away personally. “

Jacob excitedly grabbed Irene’s shoulder and shook it vigorously, “She really can’t talk?”

Irene was covering his mouth in horror, as if he had leaked his mouth.

Jacob realized that those words Irene said were not Irene’s will.

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