Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 956

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Chapter 956

“I know what to do!”

Bai Chen gritted his teeth and said this sentence.

And after hearing this.

Grandpa Bai and the others were relieved one by one.

They didn’t care if Bai San and others died or not.

What they care about is whether The New Bai Group can be annexed and whether Shaun will die.

Thinking of this!

A strong excitement appeared on the face of Mr. Bai, and he asked Bai Chen:

“Master Bai Chen, then what do you want to do with this kid?”

One after another, they looked at Bai Chen expectantly. They seemed to have seen Shaun’s sad end from Bai Chen’s almost green face.

And beside!

Elvira, Baishan, and others, their hearts were beating wildly, and they quickly protected Shaun behind them, their expressions are becoming extremely nervous.

What to do?

The corner of Bai Chen’s mouth twitched slightly.

He secretly glanced at Shaun’s smile, and he said:

“I have decided.”

“Jiangnan Bai’s family has given up on annexing The New Bai Group Group, and I announce that all of Jiangshi Bai’s industries to be transferred to the New Bai Group for free!”


When Bai Chen’s words fell.

The excited smiles on the faces of all the Bai family members, including Mr. Bai, completely froze.

They opened their eyes wide and looked at Bai Chen incredulously, almost suspecting that they had heard something wrong.

“Master Bai Chen, are you wrong?”

“You just said that you want to give the Bai family’s properties to the New Bai Group for free?” Mr. Bai was completely shocked at this moment.

He looked at Bai Chen as if looking at a fool.

More than him!

Haibai, Erye Baichuan, and others next to them all felt that they had auditory hallucinations?

They were planning to annex the New Bai Group.

But here the story is different.

This is not something a madman does, it is definitely something a fool can do.


“Old stuff, you heard me right!”

Bai Chen glanced around, staring at the old man full of resentment:

“Because this all is due to your Bai family! If it weren’t for you to instigate discord, how could I come to a small place like Jiang City!”

“If it weren’t for your Bai family’s bad ambition, our white angels could be alive this time!”

“I tell you, now ready the transfer contract. I order you to transfer the Bai Group to the New Bai Group free of charge. Otherwise, your whole clan will be destroyed!!!”


In Bai Chen’s words, there is endless murderous intent.

After the words were uttered, all the Bai family members including Mr. Bai were immediately stunned into the ice pit.

That’s it!

All this turned out to be true!



Complex emotions filled the hearts of every Bai family member, and no one dared to refute anything.

Because they could see that Bai Chen was almost crazy.

He seemed to have received a huge stimulus. If the Bai family really didn’t transfer these properties and waited for their fate, as Bai Chen said, the whole clan would be wiped out.

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