Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 955

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Chapter 955


Shaun shook his head slightly, then said to Elvira:

“Wife, I am so kind, how can I kill people!”

“These people were killed of revenge because they offended our four great masters. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Master Bai Chen!”


When Elvira and the people in the courtyard heard this, they were slightly taken aback.

Didn’t Shaun kill them?

At the moment, almost everyone’s eyes turned to look at Bai Chen sitting on the ground.

Seeing Bai Chen who was still dumbfounded, Shau said:

“Master Bai Chen, can you tell the people here, did I kill these people?”


This sentence fell in Bai Chen’s ears, but it was like a blast of thunder, causing his whole body to shudder.

The look was terrified:

“No…no! These people are all guilty of death. They died at the hands of the four great masters. They have nothing to do with Mr. Lin!”

Mr. Lin?

After hearing this, many people heard what was wrong with Bai Chen’s words.

To know.

Just half an hour ago.

Bai Chen hated Shaun and wanted to tear Shaun alive.

And now, Bai Chen actually called Shaun ‘Mr. Lin’, which is incredible.

This is more than that.

Some sharp-eyed people discovered that Bai Chen kept his head lowered when he was speaking, and he didn’t even have the courage to look at Shaun. He was like a kid who did wrong, and he is helpless.

How is this possible?

These people are extremely puzzled.

Even if they broke their heads, they couldn’t figure out why the son of the Jiangnan Bai clan would be so afraid of Shaun, the son-in-law, which is totally unreasonable.

“Master Bai Chen, you can’t come back to life after death. Please be sorry!”

Grandpa Bai stepped forward at this moment and comforted Bai Chen.

For him and the Bai family.

As long as these people were not killed by Shaun, they would be fearless, because Bai Chen still will not let Shaun go.

Hearing the words of Mr. Bai, the rest of the Bai family members also woke up from fear.

They stepped forward and comforted Bai Chen:

“Young Master Bai Chen, we can’t afford to offend the bloody buddha, we can only report to the Bai family and let the mistress decide!”

“Yes, Young Master Bai Chen, the most important thing now is how we should deal with this Shaun! After all, all this is because of him!”

“Yes, you can’t let him go! If it was not to deal with him, there was no need to mobilize the white angels, and this would not have happened at all! Since we have nothing to do with the Bloody Buddha, then we can only let Shaun pay for the dead!”


Many Bai family members were still against Shaun.

Almost everyone’s voice contained strong resentment, and they couldn’t wait to buckle this black pot on Shaun’s head.

However, they did not find out.

After hearing this sentence.

Bai Chen’s face changed from white to cyan, and then it turned red until finally, it was completely green.

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