Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 954

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Chapter 954

“I do not care!”

Elvira raised her pretty face, she wiped the tears from her eyes severely, and the beautiful face was filled with determination:

“If something has happened to my husband, I will destroy the Bai family!!!”

In Elvira’s words, there was a deep coldness.

After saying this!

Elvira immediately wiped her tears and ran wildly towards the front yard.


Seeing this scene, Baishan and Paula got afraid, and the two, Zhang Tianyi and his disciple hurriedly followed up.

When they came to the front yard.

They saw that the front was densely packed, with guests and the Bai family members.

But what made Elvira and others astonished.

The entire extremely spacious front yard, with so many people, was silent.

They all are staring at the front as if something incredible has happened there.


With a jump of Elvira’s eyebrows, she hurriedly passed the guests and walked forward.

And when she rushed to the front.

At a glance, she saw the figure standing on the spot, straight as loose:


Elvira got dazzled.

It’s okay!

Her husband is all right.


In an instant, Elvira’s nose was sore, and with a wow, he cried out with excitement, and then, as a little girl rushed into Shaun’s arms.

“You idiot, you scared me to death!”

Elvira’s head was almost completely buried in Shaun’s arms.

There was a deep sadness in the cry as if to vent all the grievances, anxiety, and worries in the heart.

Seeing this scene.

Shaun’s heart got surging with warmth, he lowered his head and k!ssed Elvira’s forehead fiercely, then said softly:

“My wife, I said I will be fine!”

Hearing this!

Elvira’s anxious heart calmed down.

Her head poked out of Shaun’s arms, only to realize that the atmosphere here seemed to be faintly wrong.


Elvira wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and then turned to look into the courtyard.

Her expression completely solidified.


Human heads like a ball were densely packed on the ground.

And in front of those heads, there was a man who was too scared-Bai Chen.

Seeing this Elvira’s pretty face instantly changed from consternation to horror. She only felt her stomach surge, almost vomiting:

“Shaun! What’s going on? Do you have done this?”

Elvira’s pretty face was as pale as paper, and she looked at Shaun with fear.

Not only her!

After hearing this!

Huh huh!

Whether it was Baishan, Paula, Mr. Bai, and others, as well as many celebrities in Jiang City, they all looked at Shaun.

Their expressions were full of terror and fear as if they had seen a devil.

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