Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1186

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Chapter 1186

He pushed Irene away and ran upstairs as if entering his own house.

Irene was going to stop, Yan Mu shook her head towards Irene, and said, “Let him go. Your sister’s disease is a heart disease, and it needs a heart medicine. He is your sister’s antidote.”

Irene stamped his feet with anger, “What is the antidote? I think he is poison.”


Jacob came to Irene’s bedroom and opened the bedroom door in fear.

Ceng Ling curled up on the bed, her dark and shiny hair sprinkled messy on her white face, making her face thinner and paler.

She had a pair of beautiful black glaze pupils open, her eyes sunken, and she looked very haggard. His eyes were dizzy, but gloomy.

After Jacob entered the room, he closed the door gently.

Then the footsteps moved gently to the head of the bed like a lead.

Kneeling gently on the ground, lying on the bed, looking at Irene’s beautiful face. Can’t help but whirling tears.

This is his favorite girl since childhood!

In this life, he didn’t have any majestic volunteers, only one, desperately making money, let her live a carefree life.

But the person who hurt her most in the end was also himself.

He stretched out his hand and put his slender fingers through her black hair, and landed on her white face.

Irene shrinks slightly, as if sensing his touch, but he has no greater reaction.

“Irene, Brother Jue will take you home. OK?” Jacob whispered softly.

Irene’s long eyelashes drooped slightly, which was regarded as a response to him.

“Irene, brother knows he was wrong. You get better soon, so that you will have the strength to scold me and beat me, so that you can calm down.”

Jacob’s voice, as gentle as the warm spring wind, blows into people’s hearts, making Irene feel particularly warm.

She was actually not angry with him, she just hated her body for not being angry. If she accidentally become unable to take care of herself, she should not become his burden.

At this moment, Irene was wrapped in inferiority complex, and she couldn’t see her future.

Jacob looked at Irene and saw that her lips were not dry, and he pulled out the hand that passed through her black hair. He thought of getting up to pour her some water.

Unexpectedly, Irene suddenly took her hand, with a sense of scorn, reluctant to leave him.

Probably in Irene’s heart, staying beside him is the most secure.

Jacob was slightly startled…

It was as if peach blossoms all over the mountains suddenly appeared in Jun’s eyes, with a frown, he put his sexy lips around her ears, and said softly: “I’ll pour you water.”

When leaving, he gently bit her earlobe.

Irene’s heart beat faster with shame.

Jacob poured boiling water for her, tested the temperature, picked her up, and fed the water spoon by spoon.

When she finished drinking the water, Jacob directly wrapped her in a white crystal velvet sheet and gently hugged her up, “Irene, go home with Brother Jue.”

Irene’s hands naturally circled his neck.

Opening the bedroom door, Irene was awkwardly sticking to the door.

Jacob’s face turned black, staring at him suddenly.

Irene said confidently: “I’m afraid you will make my sister sad again, so I have to supervise you.”

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