Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1187

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Chapter 1187

Jacob announced: “I want to take Irene home.”

Irene suddenly exploded, “This is her home.”

Jacob tightened his neck tightly. The Ying pupil was clearly violent and heavy, but there was a hint of complacency in his exit voice, “Irene, I don’t want to fight with you in front of Irene, you get out of it.”

Irene was stunned, and Jacob’s thoughtful consideration of Irene’s emotions made him unexpected.

“Have you…recovered your memory?” Irene asked.

Jacob nodded, “Yes.”

Irene asked Irene again, “Lingbao, are you sure you want to go with him? I tell you, eldest brother doesn’t dislike you, no one dares to give you a face when you stay in this house. If you go with this devil, if he bullies you, you cannot speak or move, and all grievances can only be sustained by yourself…”

Speaking of this, Irene was suddenly full of anxiety about Irene’s fate.

His attitude became decisive again, “No, no, you can’t take her away. What if you abuse her?”

Jacob’s eyes instantly became deep and terrifying, like a sharp cold blade falling on Irene’s face, “You said I would abuse her?”

Irene was slightly frightened by Jacob’s momentum, and said tremblingly, “In case you are in a bad mood one day, would you use Lingbao as a punching bag, shout at her, and hit her?

You have also seen that my family Lingbao cannot take care of herself and needs the guardian to be particularly patient…”

“Irene, I won’t let Irene suffer a little bit of grievance.” Jacob’s eyes were so firm. “I will only love her, pet her, make her happy.”

Irene was dumbfounded.

Mother Yan staggered up and stood at the end of the corridor, harshly criticizing Irene, “Irene, you know that he is the life of Irene. If you forcibly separate them, you will only make Irene’s illness worse.”

Irene grabbed his hair, painful and tangled, “Mom, I just don’t worry about Lingbao.”

Yan mother walked up to Jacob, and said softly: “Juer, I have handed Irene to you. Mom believes in you, you are the person who loves her most in this world, and you will never let her be wronged. of.”

Jacob said: “Thank you. Mom.”

Yan mother said: “Go. After you go home, live your life. Mom believes that you have survived so much wind and rain, and you will definitely see the rainbow this time.”

Jacob smiled and nodded, “Yeah.”

Jacob hugged Irene and left.

Irene saw that Irene’s hands were clinging to Jacob’s neck skillfully and naturally, and he knew that Irene had already made a choice between the Yan family and Jacob.

Irene didn’t understand. After Jacob did so many things that hurt Irene, how could Irene trust him so wholeheartedly?

Irene was so angry that he lost his reason, and shouted at them: “Irene, you are good for this. If he bullies you in the future, don’t cry in front of me.”

Jacob’s back slightly condensed, and he suddenly turned around: “Don’t worry, Irene has me. You don’t have to cry in front of you if you have troubles.”

Then he threw the car key to Irene and commanded with extraordinary domineering: “You come to drive.”

Irene said angrily: “Can’t you drive it yourself?”

“No hand.” Jacob said.

Irene: “…”

Reluctantly followed behind Jacob and sat in the driver’s seat of Rolls Royce.

Jacob sat in the back seat holding Irene.

Irene started the engine, stepped on the accelerator and huffed away.

Jacob reminded him: “Drive slowly.”

Irene was speechless, and vomited: “Sure enough, your memory has been restored. you always behave at others, this is really the style of the former prince.”

Jacob didn’t bother to pay attention to her, staring affectionately at Irene in his arms. She was like a kitten, curled up helplessly in his arms.

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