Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 958

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Chapter 958

At this moment, the Shaun family became a treasure in everyone’s eyes.

The densely packed Jiang City celebrities, like stars holding the moon, supported Shaun’s family and left the Bai family courtyard.

And at the moment!

In the entire courtyard, only the Bai family who was desperate and completely depressed were left.

“How could this happen! My Bai family is over?”

“No money, no share! our Bai Group was soaring into the sky, and now we have nothing!”

“I blame you all. If we hadn’t expelled Shaun and Elvira at the beginning, our Bai family would have risen against the sky a long time ago. How could we have fallen into such a state!”

At this moment, noises, wailing, and fighting sounded constantly in the Bai family courtyard.

A senior member of the Bai family was completely crazy.

They are venting their dissatisfaction and regretting their bad decisions.

Bai family’s courtyard has become a vegetable market, chaotic.

And seeing this scene!

For a moment, Mr. Bai seemed to be more than ten years old, his figure began to buckle, and his whole body exuded a decadent air.

Mr. Bai said, only feeling a wave of remorse welling up in his heart.

Immediately made his throat sweet.


A mouthful of blood spurted out wildly.

the next day!

A piece of news shocked the entire Jiang City.

The Bai family curtain call, the New Bai Group is king!


As soon as this news came out, almost everyone in the whole Jiang City fell below their eyes.

The Bai Group, this veteran force, raised rapidly this year with incredible speed. Especially after they received the support of the Jiangnan Bai family, they have become a new generation of hegemony forces in the eyes of everyone.

And the opposite.

Although the New Bai Group was supported by the Jiangnan chaebol, everyone knew that they had offended the hidden giants and were already in a precarious situation, and they would capsize at any time.

The New Bai Group, like an ancient giant Kun, swallowed the super-fat piece of the Bai family group, making itself the most terrifying chaebol in Jiang City.

In addition, the Shengshi Group, Lanshan Group, Tian Group, and other Jiangnan chaebols are behind the New Bai Group.

It can be said that The New Bai Group’s dominance has become a certainty.

It’s more than that!

What is more shocking is the destruction of the three white angel groups is like a mystery, almost shrouded in the hearts of every Jiangshi person.

Three groups of white angels!

Twelve great masters.

Within one or two hours, the entire army was wiped out, and even Bai Chen, a young man was scared to pee. This subverted everyone’s view.

All Jiangshi people have noticed one thing.

All of this seems to be related to Shaun, the most famous son-in-law of the Bai family.

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