Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 957

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Chapter 957

“Dad! What should we do now? Do you really want to hand over the Bai Family Group?” Erye Shirakawa almost burst into tears at this moment.

Haibai also looked at the old man pitifully, obviously, he has also completely lost his square inch.

“What else can I do?”

A bit of bitter smile appeared on the corner of Mr. Bai’s mouth.

He knew that his Bai family has completely come to an end.

It’s just that he couldn’t figure out how Shaun did it.

In just half an hour.

Not only did he killed white angels, he even made Bai Chen so scared that he even wanted to abandon their Bai family.

This is simply a devilish method.

“Come here, take out the transfer contract of our Bai Group and give it to Elvira!”

After saying this!

Mr. Bai suddenly felt dizzy, and he fell to the ground, his face turned as gray as death.

Next to him, Haibai, Baichuan, Bai Yan and others were even more dumbfounded.

At this moment!

In their minds, they recalled Shaun’s words.

“Get ready the transfer contract of the Bai Group!”

At that time, almost everyone felt that Shaun’s words were bragging.

But they couldn’t even dream of it.

This guy’s crazy words have come true, this guy is simply a devil.

All of a sudden.

A trace of horror filled the hearts of all the Bai family members, and the fear of Shaun was extremely strong.

It’s not just them!

The Baishan family who benefited the most at this moment is also dreaming.

“The Bai Group, is it really going to be transferred to us?”

Baishan pinched his thigh, and after feeling extremely painful, he was completely stunned.

And Elvira.

She looked at her husband in astonishment.

She suddenly realized that she seemed to be getting more and more unable to understand Shaun. Every time she felt that she had taken Shaun’s methods to a higher level, but found that they were still far from enough.

This man, like a god, can create stunning miracles again and again.

“Miss Elvira, please sign!”

At this moment, a senior of the Bai family handed the contract to Elvira with a grim face.

Seeing this scene!

Elvira nodded and then signed her name on the contract.


The Bai Group was transferred to Elvira.

And the New Bai Group has also become another dominant force in Jiangshi.

At this moment.

The impact on the surrounding Jiangshi celebrities was extremely strong. They watched with their own eyes that the Bai family, one of the four largest hidden giants got completely desolate.

They also watched that the new and precarious new force of the New Bai Group was rising against the sky.

All of a sudden.

The celebrities of Jiang City, as if crazy, rushed towards Elvira and Shaun:

“Mr. Lin, I’m the chairman of Fengda Group, Fengda Li! Can I treat you to a light meal someday?”

“Miss Elvira, I am Li Yao from Les Group. This is my business card. I am glad to meet you!”

“Mr. Baishan…”

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